Evaluation 1: General Causality Orientation Scale

These items pertain to a series of hypothetical sketches. Each sketch describes an incident and provides three ways of responding to it. Please read each sketch, imagine yourself in that situation, and then consider each of the possible responses.

Think of each response option in terms of how likely it is that you would respond that way. (We all respond in a variety of ways to situations, and probably most or all responses are at least slightly likely for you).

  • If it is very unlikely that you would respond the way described in a given response, you should answer 1 or 2.
  • If it is moderately likely, you would select a number in the mid range.
  • If it is very likely that you would respond as described, you would answer 6 or 7.

The questionnaire contains 36 items and should take you about five minutes to complete.