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Hello Again To All Students of Elite Sport Performance: Psychological Perspectives

As the course enters its final month, we now have over 930 learners from 107 countries. I’m really keen to crack the 1,000 learners mark so please continue to encourage your friends, colleagues and contacts to take the course before it closes on February 29th, 2016.

For those of you who have registered for the course but not yet completed it, there is still plenty of time to work through the remaining modules and get that certificate of completion. Please remember to complete the data collection points along the way.

There’s been such a lot of interesting, insightful and well-informed viewpoints being posted on the discussion forum lately. It’s great to see! Merit awards for this period go to Alex Oshinsky (oshinsa), Aline Olivio, Julian Fernandez, Tracey, olavvershoot, and Rajarshi.

New mental training programs are being deposited regularly. You can download these programs from

Your mental training program

I mentioned previously that Neil Martin will be presenting the results of our research about the course at a conference in Canada in June 2016. Neil and I, along with a colleague from the Philippines, have also submitted an abstract about the course to the Olympic Scientific Congress ( in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the beginning of September, 2016. I hope we get to meet some of you at these conferences.

Best wishes

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