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    Image: Lydia Ko
    Qualities: hardworking, focused, skilled, takes challenges & adaptable, humble, inspirational, clear values, humour, intelligent, respectful
    Sport: golf
    I admire Lydia Ko and how she carries herself related to her sport and in her personal life. I think she is a good example of confidence and professionalism, especially as she is so young.

    I like the images of the Olympic Games Logo (J. Von Stietz) and road (iskolaratleta58). I think the qualities they listed are essential for an athlete to be confident and get to where they want to be.


    Champions Belt UFC

    Highly Skilled, fit, strong, agile, supreme confidence in abilities

    Mixed Martial Arts

    Connor McGregor


    Lydia is great, a real role model


    image: tiger
    Qualities: fast, smart, nible, strong, unannounced
    sport: basketball
    example: Michael Jordan


    Rahul Dravid- The Wall

    Image: Wall of China
    Qualities: passion, sincerity, humbleness, dignity, hard work, patience, focus, determination, attention, perfectionism
    Sport: Cricket
    Example Sports person: Rahul Dravid


    Image/athlete: Lionel messi

    Qualities : stay upbeat, skillful, confident, fearless,intelligence, full of power

    Sport: soccer

    Alexander Oshinsky

    Image: Shark

    Qualities: fast, strong, smart, agile, aggressive

    Sport: football

    Athlete: Gianluigi Buffon, Italy and Juventus goalkeeper


    Image: Snake

    Qualities: calm, if necessary explosive


    Example sportsperson: Ebinuma -66kg

    Also I agree with Ong Chuan Loeng. For me Lionel Messi is an image of confident. He is very calm, His face has no fear, anxiety. He is fast and his technique is strict. Excellent example!

    Aline Olivio

    Image: Airplane
    Qualities: Balanced, carries different baggage, is always rising and sustain itself in the air and when it comes down only to supply.
    Sport: Rugby
    Athlete: Usain Bolt or Michael Jordan

    I also thought of Messi, but I know only what the Media presents. It was interesting to know that other colleagues have the same image.

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    Image: Ironman logo

    Qualities: Everything is possible!

    Sport: Triathlon Ironman

    Sports person: Macca and Graig Alexandra

    Sunday Dickson

    Image: Horse
    Qualities: Mobility, strength, coping under difficult circumstances, love, Life, intellect, wisdom, power, nobility, energy, freedom, wildness.
    Sport: Tennis
    Athlete: Gael Monfils

    S.Venisha Mani

    For me the animal would be a Lion too. To me the athlete who has high level of confidence would be Muhammad Ali.


    Image: Lion.
    Qualities: Strong, commited ,.
    Sport:swimming .
    Athlete: Michael Phelps .

    Stephen Githinji

    Image : Arctic Tern
    Qualities : Enduring, focus, determination, speed.
    Sport : Track & Field & Marathon
    Athlete : Mo Farah

    I think Mo Farah is the perfect blend of Speed and Endurance there is currently. Even though I didn’t know what an Arctic Tern is, I have just read on it and I completely concur with your analysis likening of the two. The bird’s ability to cover distances quoted at such great speeds is simply astounding.

    Stephen Githinji

    Image: The Ant
    Qualities: Resilient. Team Player. Committed. Never Quit Attitude. All for One and One for All Approach
    Sport: Football (Soccer)
    Athlete: Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal and Chile)

    The ant is majestic in its humility and output levels. Though it thrives best in a colony, it inspires me with its ability to work as if the entire colony depends solely on its productivity.

    It is strong (able to carry 50 times it’s body weight) and also creates a way where there is none. Be it under, over, through or around obstacles. Their ability to dominate and colonize any surface available epitomizes confidence.

    This pretty much sums up my current icon Alexis Sanchez.

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