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    Image : Sea

    Qualities: Unpredictable. It may looks clear in the ocean but with strong winds anything can happen.

    Sport: Soccer

    Athlete: Fandi Ahmad

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    Pei Shan

    Image: Tiger
    Qualities: Passion,Confidence,Speed,Agressiveness
    Sportperson: Kobe Bryant

    Ya-Chiao Yu

    Image:Black Mamba

    Qualities: speed, accurate, agressive

    Sport: Basketball

    Athlete: Kobe Bryant

    Yeo Chern Tat

    Image: Yoda
    Qualities: Wise, clever, confident, calm, yet fearless and sharp
    Sport: Archery
    Athlete : Gary Lineker ( England Striker in 1990s)

    This is a bit off but that’s a bit of my image.

    Afrooz Mousavi

    Octopus was very interesting example, but I think the best description of elite athletes can see in lion for power and in Cheetah for speed.

    Jason Marsden

    Qualities fearless, calm, commands respect without demanding respect.
    Sport: Sprinting (athletics).
    Example sportsperson: Ollie Marsden – my daughter who competes at a high level


    Image: Ice hockey goaltender standing tall in the crease after a save or a goal

    Qualities: Cool head, posture suggesting “you can’t get the best of me; I’m invincible”

    Sport: Ice hockey

    Athlete(s): Braden Holtby (Washington Capitals), Henrik Lundqvist (NY Rangers)


    Image: Cheetah

    Qualities:fast faster fastest

    Sport: 100 meter dash

    Athlete: Usain Bolt


    Image: Lion
    Qualities: strong, fearless, frightning, agressiveness
    sport: synchronized swimming
    athlete: Roger Federer


    Image: Kangeroo
    Qualities: never gives up, determined, strong, motivated,
    Sport: Athletics
    Sports Person: Greg Rutherford ( Long jumper )

    Julian Fernandez

    Kilian Jornet, during his winning run at 08 UTMB. Photo credit: Wikicommons / Pierre Thomas

    Image: Kilian Jornet (In my case the image I associate with confidence is the athlete)
    Qualities: Quiet, knows how to have fun during the competition, focused, hard worker, wise, he’s a force of nature.
    Sport: Ultramarathon running.
    Athlete: Kilian Jornet // Spanish, Catalan, ski mountaineer and long-distance runner. He is widely regarded as the best trail runner in the world. He is a six-time champion of the long-distance running Skyrunner World Series and has won some of the most prestigious ultramarathons, including the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, Grand Raid, the Western States Endurance Run and the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run.

    I liked how Abdul Rahman Ibrahim posted a picture of the athlete. It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words!

    Also, Edwin Leong Mun Kit’s image (cheetah) and athlete (Usain Bolt) are a perfect match! I could so easily think of Usain Bolt morphing mid-race into a Cheetah 🙂
    – – –
    Photo credit: Kilian Jornet, during his winning run at 08 UTMB. Wikicommons / Pierre Thomas

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    Animal: Grizzly Bear

    Qualities: Strong, fierce, protective, intelligent, intuitive, creative, focused, tough.

    Sport: American Football

    Athlete: Dontari Poe (Defensive Tackle for Kansas City Chiefs)

    M N Viswanath

    IMAGE: Jaguar
    QUALITIES: Jaguar is the undisputed king of the south American jungle and the AMAZON. It is at the top of the food’s fearless, confident, aggressive, dominant, stealthy, versatile,adaptive,powerful,with an enormous bite force- one of the fiercest in the animal kingdom.
    ATHLETE: AB De Villiers- South Africa. Batsman, wicket keeper. At present AB De is the undisputed king in the world batting order. He is very confident, talented and adaptable to all forms of cricket. He is discreet and fearless as far as his shot making is concerned. Like the jaguar he can dominate the [smallest like a fish to the the mighty water buffalo or the Cayman- alligator like] weakest to the strongest bowler in the world.


    Image: Fox

    Qualities: Resourceful, adaptable, intelligent, persistent

    Sport: American Football

    Example of sportsperson: Collin Klein, former Kansas State quarterback


    Using the sea as a confidence image is a great example!

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