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    Can men orgasm out the anus

    Erotic texts in the Bible God how sexy
    Anyone who has disdained the Bible so far as reading, may now be on the taste: Because the book of books includes erotic texts that are quite worth reading. Surely they are not comparable in style to today’s bestsellers like “Shades of Gray” and Co., but you’ll be amazed what hot text passages are in the Bible.
    Erotic texts about lustful men
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    There is, for example, the second book Samuel, which at the beginning of chapter eleven is about King David trying to kill one of his soldiers. Why? Because he apparently finds his wife pretty sexy: “And it came to pass that by the evening David rose from his bed and went on the roof of the royal house, and saw a woman wash from the roof, and the woman was very beautiful.”
    The book of the prophet Daniel also contains erotic texts. Specifically, it is about the story of “Susanna in the bath”. It is about the beautiful Susanna, who is married to Jojakim. In the common house, however, there are two old judges, who say, “The two elders saw her come and go daily, and in them the desire for her aroused,” and “both had lovesickness because of Susanna.” Finally, they wanted to force Susanna to sleep with them. But she fought back and even won in the end, when the two lovers wanted to sue them in court.
    Masturbation in the Bible?
    The first book of Moses deals at the beginning of the 38th chapter with a man named Onan – ever a good condition when it comes to erotic texts. He declined to give birth to the wife of his deceased brother – but they both went to bed together. And then Onan discovered on the one hand the masturbation named after him and on the other hand perhaps the first coitus interruptus: “Whenever he went to his brother’s wife, he dropped the seed to the earth and spoiled it to withhold his offspring from his brother.”

    Love balls for the pelvic floor: your workout for more pleasure

    How to enjoy sex life

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