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    Different kind of music can bring different result.
    If I wanna calm down,i’ll select classical music(eg.Chopin).
    If I wanna cheering up,i’ll select more heavy rhythm (eg.rock).
    It’s depend on situation.

    Nur Alyaa

    Different music gives different mood to me. Before competition i listen to rock, fast and inspired music that can give me feeling of excited, energetic and ready to play and compete. After the competition i will listen to slow and calm music to relax my mind and body until i sleep.


    I do love music…especially when it comes to an endurance exercise such as jogging or marathon, i was taugh that music can be used as a relaxation technique or to enhance your mood before training…and based on my experience, its happened.


    Actually when it comes to sports, I don’t listen to music that much, except for running half marathon which takes time and I expect that it can be boring if I don’t listen to some music. However, I believe that it can help me with arousal and relaxation sometimes.


    AS a marathon runner no I don’t use music as its more important to be able to tune into my body. When I workout in the gym then yes I listen to music, to get me in the mood and push harder. I also use music to relax and to change my mood.

    Conrad Francis

    Yes ! I do listen to lots of music before my race 1hr prior to my race and after as well to keep my focus on


    When I was competing as a professional kayaker (I won 6 world championships) I always used music in my preparation the morning of a race. I had a handful of favourite tracks, the usual ones such as ‘I am the worlds greatest’ – by R Kelly and sound track from the Ali film or another favourite was a Queen song, ‘Don’t stop me now’. For me it wasn’t so much about the rhythm it was more about the lyrics and their meaning. For example if I was competing now I think Happy by Pharrell Williams would be a choice if I was nervous and getting stressed. I listen out for lyrics that I want to be aligned with my self talk. Certain songs would make me feel fired up and ready to compete, it was powerful.


    I tend to listen to music both pre and post exercise. It’s all about finding that right balance. If I’m too excited then I may start a race at too fast of a pace that I can’t maintain and will not be able to kick toward the end of the race when it will count. Afterwards music helps me relax, lower my heart rate, and allow me to reflect on what went well, what I need to improve upon, and what I will be hopefully in the future when faced with a similar challenge and/or event


    I like listening to music when I workout and before a game to get into the competitive mood. It helped me immensely when I played softball and needed to listen to rap before I walked up to the plate. Listening to music helped me perform better.


    Yes, music definitely changes my pace of exercise and influences my readiness to perform before or to relax after the exercise. Music influence my perspective on things, even like weather, time or to see the brighter side of life. The pace and tempo of the music can definitely determine our perspective


    I like to have music on at home, sometimes silence can be deafening…
    I was a fitness professional for more that 30 years so I grew up taking aerobics from tapes we made ourselves (before we had all the licensing laws now in place). So yes I love music that makes you want to move, or relaxes you, but i have never engaged music when i am doing my sport. I do sometimes have a song in my head though.


    Music helps me to be calm and relaxes me when I feel tensed or pressured. Sometimes it also helps me concentrate when preparing for exams. When I jog music helps to make me enjoy the exercise and not feel bored.

    Christopher Ramesh

    Music affects our mood in a big way. I love listening to soft instrumental in the morning. It lifts my spirit and helps me face the day. In the late evening, I listen to light music and film songs that help me relax from the day’s tiredness. During travel, music is a great company. As a teacher of language and literature, songs are helpful in teaching the students nuances of language and comprehension.

    I trained my son in shooting sport, that involves lots of concentration. Music was helpful in controlling his hyperactive energy for constructive purposes. Now, being an international shooter, he uses music extensively for training and relaxation. Interestingly, in recent years, the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF), plays music during matches to increase the difficulty level for the shooters, as performance in the sport has improved in leaps and bounds now.

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