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    Julian Fernandez

    Back in my High School years and early college I used to practice road cycling a lot, so for safety reasons listening to music was out of question.

    Then for the last several years I’ve been focusing on running (especially trail running). At first I realized listening to music –even at a low volume– while training made me very anxious (since I wasn’t able to get any feedback from ambient sounds; I felt isolated) but after a while, mostly during my long runs in the woods, I started listening to music on a fairly regular basis.

    I have some dedicated playlists with music I only listen to while running. I think that helps me get in the mood of training and not “mixing things up”. I listen to different music while at my job or while driving, for instance. By now I can tell you about certain songs I was listening to during an outstanding or otherwise memorable run.

    In general, music helps me express feelings and ideas much better than I could ever be able to. It either intensifies (when I want to become alert) or modulates (when I need to relax or focus) my state of mind prior to a training session or competition.


    Meaning of music during workout means an Aid to ‘DISSOCIATION’ from the outer world and an Attempt to ‘ABSORPTION’ in the activity.
    The reason behind using music for me is mainly ‘Intensity Control’. Appropriate can be used in an activity that needs high activation such as Weight Training & Sprinting for Pumping Up blood, high nural activation, optimal muscle tone. It is also used in activities aiming at calming down such as cooling down, relaxation & recovery. Though these are possible without music, correct music affects the quality and rate of Intensity Control.
    As a coach I prefer to use music in session which contains no components of technique/ skill/ tactics/ strategy as music may distract the athletes. I use music mostly to the advanced athletes who are well acquainted with the skills and can achieve the right frame of mind with the support music.
    I also believe appropriate music should be culture specific. As I work in India, I try to find music in Indian languages. I mistake I used to do that, I did not chose music according to BPM and only on the basis of liking.
    This online course had given this new idea to me and I’ll try to find Indian music with the BPM Guidelines provided here.
    Any suggestions for calculating BPM?

    Julian Fernandez

    Reply to Rajarshi (regarding BPM calculation)

    There are some apps/software that take the music on your computer and do the analysis. From there, you can select the tracks and make tempo specific playlists. A Google search for “bpm song analyzer” should throw some good results 🙂


    I like music but I don’t use music during a training because I like staying alone with my thoughts.I use music at home when I want to dance to relieve fatigue. And then I listen pop or dance&house. And on the contrary, I listen easy listening to be calm and open my mind. I use music according to my mood.

    Alexander Oshinsky

    So I listen to music before every match I play to help set the mood and get me in the right place to perform. it helps me imagine and focus on the upcoming match even better. during the match I usually have a song playing in my head to help me relax and focus. strangely enough, I find that when I have a song that I am focusing during the match I tend to perform better.

    S.Venisha Mani

    Music makes me dance & helps me relax.

    M N Viswanath

    Speaking about music' and sports performance,it takes me back three decades when I was at my prime as a cricketer. Ganesh festival is celebrated with pomp and splendour all over India. The local residents form an association and celebrate the festival over a period of 7 days, it is during this time devotional, classical and filmy music is a common feature- that is played loudly through loud speakers. It was on one such occasion we were engaged in a cricket league game close to the place the celebrations were organised, naturally the loud speakers were blaring out popular filmy hits that could be heard all over the place.The music[ my favourite] reduced my pre-match nerves and put me in a relaxed state that was devoid of self-doubt and fear [ facing the fast bowlers of the opposition]. As I went in to bat the music raised my energy and aroused me to the ideal performance state.I started humming my favourite tunes,soon got in to a rhythmic and started playing shots all round the wicket. I was in a relaxed state of concentration known by the mystical feeling calledflow’.I was unstoppable and runs flowed freely from my bat and I could complete my century before lunch. I thank `MUSIC’ for the most memorable innings of my career.

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    From personal experiences, I found that having music turned on in the locker room helped my team to loosen up and get hyped. I like to listen to music on my own in between classes or working on a paper/project. Music can help to motivate me, but also helps me drown out what is around me and focus. I also use it during exercise, with something upbeat that I can match the beats to with my steps or just stay motivated.

    I think music can be used in many ways, and is very universal in its uses.


    It depends on the type of song and also the venue and mood which i am. Music help me to relax. It also motivate me during competition, this period i listen to more of gospel hip hops. It does alot and mean alot to me.It takes me from a bad mood into a good one.

    Chia Stella Xinying

    I do not use music to psych myself before games, but i believe music will surely help me in future as now i see the importance of it. I actually do not use music to coach my players, one of the reasons will be coz we train in school compound. Schools are strict about disciple, therefore playing music during training will not be possible. But i’ve suggested to have a theme song for my team, allowing them to pick a song that they relate to and will impact them. They will then listen to it together before they go into the competition.


    I love sport… all sport… my life is sport… I love teaching swimming the most but I loved running more…injured told I may never run again… depression… lost a lot of weight…. music was a kind of saviour… Pink… strong woman… I love to ride my bicycle everywhere.. amongst the traffic.. serious traffic… music helps me focus on the road and block out the crazy drivers…

    Music can relax… Music can hype.. Music can set a tone of sadness happiness strength… the list goes on and on and on… use it wisely athletes can benefit…

    Ayan Chatterjee

    Music to me is a wonderful tool to regulate my emotions, the interesting thing though is that i can interpret the same music and use it for different purposes. For example a track that i like very much, can help me calm myself down and relax me because of its familiarity, i can also use it to motivate me because i enjoy it so much and i respect and admire the musicality and the rhythm of it, i can use to reflect and picture memories that i associate with it which might fill me with emotions such as nostalgia and deep thought, and the same track can also be used for making me feel happy. I just look at music from different angles based on the situation and extract different emotions from it.

    Peter Terry

    This is an excellent posting about how the same music track can be used for different purposes.


    As a retired basketball player I mostly prefer team sports for recreation. However, because team sports are not available for recreational athletes my weekly training/exercise program includes jogging-running. I find these activities very boring for my tastes this is why I listen to music every time I go running. Without music in my ears I don’t want to run. Music is my motivator for not so pleasurable activities…Of course if I go running with friends, music isn’t necessary.

    Stephen Githinji

    Music has always been an integral part of my sporting participation.

    I always have a pre-match playlist that features fast-paced, catchy and high tempo music with powerful lyrics which evoke self-confidence, enjoyment, happiness and euphoria.

    My post-match playlist is full of mellow tunes mostly classical pieces by Ludovico Einaudi, Beethoven among jazz and blues music that evokes calmness and relaxation.

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