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    Vincent Yeo

    I don’t use music when doing exercise. I listen to music when I want to relax.


    I listen to music during my warmup for a competition.It inspires me, helps me to sharpen my different moods, it lets me express things thru my body and is perfect for motivation!!!


    I listen to music after exercise, make yourself calm down the mood of excitement, but also to relax as soon as possible.

    Chen HAO

    When I am stressed or have low arousal, I like to listen to the hip pop! because the song provides an opportunity for me to imagine myself . That can motivate me to perform a task with full energy .

    Ya-Chiao Yu

    I don’t listen music when I running because musical influences my running rhythm.I listen music when I what to relax.


    Bring music in my life gave me a lot of movement to enhance the positive, I listen to music enables significantly reduce the tension before the game, listening to music in training make me forget the fatigue, the music is really very wonderful thing


    i love music, it is my part of life, when i listening, i can feel relax, ccomfortable, especially when i feel tired


    I have various playlist on my phone. Usually in the gym and depends on the workout of the day, I would have a playlist of some house music, rap, and some medium and slow music- the medium and slow music are for the warm up and cool down period of the workout. During the workout house, rap and dance/trance music gets me going especially when I am tired- it drives me to finish the workout. and feel good after.

    Most times- i have trance, rap during work when i need to concentrate or have a time out to regroup myself.

    I usually listen to music while walking into work, and at home to relax.

    In general, i love listening to music.

    Amir Hashmi

    A younger tech savvy athlete i work with has managed to edit his and my playlist by having an upbeat song after every 2 slow paced songs. It works wonders during interval training

    Ana Delchevska

    I almost never use music (on headphones) in an outdoor activity (such as, running or mountain climbing). I prefer to concentrate on the outdoor sounds and be aware of my body. Music becomes distracting on those occasions. But when I give myself a break from running/mountaineering or when I have reached the goal, I almost always play some music. It is like a reward, because I love listening (and dancing) to music.

    Sometimes I use music when I do yoga (but not always). I usually play calming music when I have had a very rough day, so the practice is more focused on relaxing myself and my body.

    I am not an athlete, but before a big event I don’t listen to music on headphones. If there is a possibility, I play some music on speakers. It is usually music that does not keep your mind preoccupied with it. Background music. I avoid the headphones because with those on it is like I am entering a whole other world of mine and exclude the surrounding. When I have something big to prepare for I try to be as present in the moment (and the reality) as I can be.


    For myself music that I know the words too help me with excercising and competition. I also I feel like a beat that I can dance too excites me as well, helping me finish that last rep on bench press for example. I think the psychology behind being able to know the lyrics to an upbeat rap song help with my confidence. If I know the lyrics to this song than it helps correlate that knowledge onto the basketball court or football field where I know how to make a layup or know hot to catch a ball.


    Music is a key element in my entire being. It helps me concentrate while working, shutting myself down from my environment when I need to focus on something, helps me when times are hard, and helps me to celebrate.

    In that sense, it’s indispensible during training (running), it really frustrates me if I can’t find my headphones (like this morning), don’t have it at the right volume (either too loud or too low) or select the wrong tracks. The kind of music I play really depends on the kind of training: up tempo,aggressive music when doing high intensity (interval) exercises, more easy going for longer runs. I notice I’m running at higher pace on aggressive, fast music. Wonder stuff in any sense!


    I have found music influences me in all the areas mentioned. I use it regularly.

    Dance/Exercise (weights, cardio, yoga/stretching) = disco, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s music, jazz, Elvis
    Relax & Sleep/Concentrate & Creativity = alpha brain wave music, baroque
    Regulates Mood = music that reminds me of different emotional experiences. E.g. heard at a funeral
    (negative/sad), at a celebration (positive/happy)
    Motivational = inspirational words (e.g. the climb) or music related to a defining moment for someone
    (e.g.Susan Boyle’s first audition on Britain’s Got Talent – I dreamed a dream)

    I have found listening to music while exercising has helped me work harder before. I am interested to see how Spotify works and keen to see how it influences my activity by being more directly linked to my pace. I find others comments interesting about when they use music before and after training and competitive events. I can look at being more systematic in future doing this.


    yes, i do listen to music when exercising. it keeps me going and distract my mind from thinking of quitting. it is very helpful.

    Aline Olivio

    I love listening music. The music is always present in my day to day and the rhythm varies according to my mood. I feel like dancing, I be more relaxed, more focused and motivated. When I practice some exercise always listen to music and most of the time are very agitated. I believe that in sport it can have very positive influences, but do not know how to use it.

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