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    Neil Martin

    What does music mean to you?

    Do you listen to music while you exercise? Does it motivate you? Does it push you harder? Have you used music as a coach in a training session? Please share your experiences.

    majdeddin mostaan

    Thanks to this debate, especially music composed by Stein and clients and athletes I ever used was and is and we use it helpful.


    When I am stressed or have low energy, I like to listen to smooth jazz because the mellow sound provides an opportunity for me to imagine goodness or being in a good place. This i turn motivates me to perform a task with renewed energy and in a rhythm.


    Adam Szuster

    From a sporting perspective I don’t listen to music before games. I do this for two reasons: 1) I play a team sport and I like to get into the team spirit in the change rooms before a game. I can’t do that if I am listening to music on headphones; 2) My musical tastes are not shared by many, and I normally don’t find other peoples music gets me in the right mind set.

    But I do understand that other people like music. I have found that before big games people get quite stressed and this can permeate through a change room. So in these cases music can be a welcome strategy to calm nervous people down. I just tune it out (unless I like it!)

    If I am training on my own (ie: riding, running, walking) I love listening to music. I just don’t train on my own very much!

    Lisa Rubin

    Music is a big part of my life. I am a classically trained flautist though my focus shifted from music to sport when I first was looking at advanced studies – I saw an entertainment relationship. Now that I research sport, I find that music still plays a role in my daily life. I like to listen to music while reading, writing, and doing any sort of activity. I have music on when I work out. I like to have music on even just getting ready in the morning. It does have an effect on my mood depending on the type of music I play. I try to listen to calm music while driving, for example, so I do not get angry if another driver does something illegal or unsafe.


    I do not play music when I train or during my coaching. I focus better in ‘silence’. However, when in the gym doing workouts, I do not mind the music that the gym puts on. In fact, I find it quite relaxing. Maybe I will introduce music during my coaching lessons.

    I like listening to music or go for a jog for relaxation and when I am down.


    Sometimes I use music as a way of concentration, especially when a lot of people are around me and talking, and I have to concentrate. It somehow helps me concentrate.
    Music also helps me loose up and change my mood. A good, upbeat and joyfull song can turn any cloudy day into a happy/good day.

    I personally don’t have music in my ears when I work out, I only “listen” to the music which is being played in the gym.
    But when attending, e.g. spinning classes I think the loud music with a lot of BPM helps, although I can also push myself without music.


    I listen to music during my warmup for a competition. i usually listen to a mixture of upbeat songs. But my warmup can be 60-75minutes long, so sometimes i would start with some slower songs and the tempo of the songs would pick up as i got further into my warmup and closer to competition. I would do this as it would help keep my energy levels up and would also give me an excuse to not speak to some people if i didn’t want to. Sometimes your competitors would want to say “hello” and chat, but i would rather stick to my routine and continue with my plan rather that be interrupted.
    I also have a audio file of motivational track, that is a motivation speech with clips from rocky and any given sunday etc.. that helps to really pump me up and get me into “flow” state before a big competition!

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    Ong Chuan Leong

    While I have not used music prior to or during exercising/sports competitions, I use music as a mood regulator and morale/energy booster during work from time to time – especially when I am stressed, tired or feeling moody. Music is generally effective in changing my mood and boosting my energy levels.

    There are plenty of football-related videos on YouTube – I find those on skills and goals by top players (paired with upbeat music/soundtrack) particularly energising.


    I use music for concentration, especially to avoid distraction, so that I can concentrate. I use music during my sports activities, It’s a mood regulator and an energy booster when I get stressed, tired or feeling moody. Music effectively change my mood and boost my energy levels and concentration.


    I tap on music like drum and bass to raise my mood during warmup.
    on preparation of main activity, a connection to songs from videos we follow for motivation.
    on main activity or exercise, for strength and speed, either hard pumping techno or heavy metal
    for the aggression.
    Same for competitions. Raising of mood and then increase of the tempo to aggression.
    Over training or over pressured/stressed symptoms of athletes/self is when they can’t connect to
    the music they usually get motivated by or simply enjoyed.


    music does alot for me, it inspires me, helps me to sharpen my different moods, it lets me express things thru my body and is perfect for motivation!!! Great that you bring up this subject to the course!!!


    Depending on the situation (person-task-environment), and with close monitoring, I use music:
    – during PE classes to boost energy levels and overall ‘happiness’ (lyrics are awful…)
    – during warming up for practices and tournaments
    – for relaxation during down times
    – etc etc

    Often a very personal/individual choice and approach. I play the hand pan myself, and the combination of ‘playing’ and ‘listening’ is most relaxing/recovering/re-energizing/regenerating.


    I listen to music when I’m exercising indoors. It helps keep me motivated, and keeps me from becoming bored. It also helps increase my work output if it is an upbeat song.


    Of course music can be a great help in my daily activities. When i study (like now) i listen to jazz like and calming music like john Mayer, Norah jones, michael buble and some classical and opera songs. But before I get to training and exercise, i prefer more upbeat music. the shorter the event, the faster the beat. after my event, i prefer slower tempo to be more relaxed after a very tiring event.

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