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    Hello I am Suchika Siotia from India.
    I am a Masters student in Psychology.
    I have undertaken this course in order to gain experience of what exactly is sports psychology. Moreover my interest in this area is new so my curiosity has led me to undertake this course, this curiosity is because I Recently I got a chance to intern in Malaysia National Sports Institute under Dr Jolly Roy. All thanks to her.
    I have no hands on experience in sports. Nor do I have a favorite sport .
    This course would help me understand the field and also I would be able to see if I could include my Hypnotherapy Knowledge in the sport field.


    Hello Everyone,
    Ny name is Kai and I signed up for this course in order to gain more knowledge and tools to further strengthen my training from graduate school. My favorite sport would definitely have to be soccer which I have competed and coached at various levels throughout my life. I have a few years experience working within the field of sport psychology, consulting with various collegiate and high school athletes. I am hoping to learn more about the application of evidence based techniques as well as the steps to creating a comprehensive mental skills training program.


    Hello all,
    My name is Taylor and I am a graduate student in the exercise, sport and performance psychology program at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. I am a first year so i am doing this to learn more about the field. I play college basketball but have also played volleyball, and participated in crew and track and field.


    I’m Abbas from Iran. I’m a Tennis coach & postgraduated in Sport Psychology. I’d like to try a bit of applied-SP through participating in this course.


    Hi. i am Hannah. I am currently teaching high school students (Grades 7-9).

    I am taking this course because our school have just put up a varsity program, and i’ll finally be handling my own volleyball team.


    Hi, Jimmy here.

    I used to be a swimming coach for the past 10 years but in recent years i have switched to rock climbing as my main sport of interest.

    Always been very interested about the the physiological preparation for athletes and so would want to learn more and hopefully apply it on my climbers in future to come.

    on a personal note, i used to play a number of sports, but again in recent years, rock climbing has been the main sport for me.

    Thank you for this great opportunity to learn more.

    Best Regards,


    I am Emily from Singapore. Taking up this course so as to be able to benefit the athletes under my care. My background is in psychology and with my personal experience in sports I’ve been trying to motivate and help my athletes to progress to the next level. Hopefully with this course I will be able to do that more effectively.



    My name is Melissa Valverde, I´m from Costa Rica. I work with a Tennis Academy here as sport psychologist and I´m always looking for oportunities to learn more.
    Leopoldo Ferrer talked about this course in a discusion group I´m part of and here I am.


    Hi all,
    I’m CH from Singapore. I am currently a swimming coach but focuses mainly on children / teenagers (non-elite). I do not have any formal knowledge of sport psychology and I was hoping to see how knowledge learn here can be adapted for my level of coaching. I hope to see if the mental training program can be developed for beginner level or even for those (especially senior) who is thinking of developing to their best at recreational level.

    Peter Terry

    Dear Suchika
    You were lucky to have the opportunity for an internship with Dr Jolly Roy at ISN in Malaysia. Dr Jolly is a very experienced sport psychologist and a beautiful person. I visit ISN regularly and will be back there in March 2016. I hope that you find a way to apply your hypnotherapy skills in sport. Have you found any readings on the subject that you could share with your fellow learners?


    Thank you for introducing this course and a big Hello to all,
    I am Edwin Leong from Singapore. I have no academic qualification in sport psychology but believe that it plays a very criticial part in assisting an athlete to achieve good performance.
    I play badminton socially and also coach badminton in primary schools both competitively and for fun.
    I look forward to learn the ‘ropes’ in this course (assuming that the materials in the course are also applicable to children) so
    as to help my kids to reach the ‘next level’ in badminton.
    Thank you.

    that I can help my students to reach their
    next level in badminton


    Hi I am Wang Xiaomei from China.I signed up for this course for my professional development. I want to learn more about sports psychology.
    I love cheereleading l that’s why aside from teaching Physical Education, I am also a cheereleading coach.
    I expect to learn more about the importance and value of mental skills training.


    Hello, I’m Raymond from Singapore.

    I am keen to learn and apply mental skills into the the sport I play and coach; tennis.
    I have learnt basic sport psychology from my country’s National Coaching Certification Programme.

    Randell Siow

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Randell and I am from Singapore

    Why you have signed up for this course?
    I signed up for this course as I have been coaching martial arts and other adventure activities.
    Currently, me and my trainers are looking at how we can develop a our training programs to allow faster retention of learning and longer embedding of skill sets.

    What is your favourite sport?
    I love cross training in various martial arts (especially weapon-based systems)
    I am also an active member of the local action-shooting community and safety officer for IDPA.

    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    I have competed in martial arts for 10 and then been coaching for about 12 years.
    Currently, my team and I run a number of martial arts exposure and niche training programs for schools, civic organisations and individuals.

    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    I have no formal training in psychology.
    However in both martial arts and shooting, a lot of emphasis is given to the ‘inner’ game of visualisation, mental resiliency.
    I wanted to take this course to upskill myself and better develop my coaching skills.


    hi i am pek ya, i am a triathlon coach and master athlete in singapore, i also coach strength and conditioning with a variety of sports and to a wide range of clients from special needs kids to amateur athletes. i am hoping to learn more about sports psychology and how it can help my athletes from all ages to reach their potential and be successful in what they are doing.

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