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    I’m Gabriela from Brasil.
    I’m Psychology student, and like a lot of sports.
    I hope to have more knowledge about psychological techniques for high-performance athletes.


    Thank you very much Dr. Peter. I hope all is well with you and Vitoria. It will be a great pleasure to participate in this course that with no doubt is very useful for athletes and coaches. Only yourself to offer this gift to the sporting community in the world. Also I hope to devote myself as much as I would like. It was great to hear from you.


    Hi, I’m Ariana.

    I do a lot of work around sports psych and wanted to further expand my knowledge.

    Swimming was my sport of choice.

    Looking forward to the class!


    Hi there,

    My name is Azim, I’m from National Sport Institute of Malaysia, signed up for this course for my profesional career development.
    I still play in combat sport (pencak silat) and it is my passion. My degree exposed me about the importance of psychology in sport, though i want to learn more about the importance of mental skill training so I can apply it to my athletes.
    It is pleasure to involve in this online course.


    My name is Kevin Kao, a freshman of the Chinese Culture University.
    I think this is a great course that allows me to learn more about sport psychology knowledge.
    I hope to be a professional sport psychology faculty in the future someday.


    Hi my name is Julius
    I am a sport psychology lecturer at a local university in South Africa.

    This course interests me because I am often confronted with students asking me for some practical skills, techniques and exercises to apply when competing in their sport for the purpose of either emotional control or performance.
    Personally I a have a huge interest in the application of psychological skills in rugby and cricket.

    Looking forward to see what this course is about to offer.


    Hello, I’m Katja from Germany;)
    I have signed up for the course to gain more knowledge on Sportpsychology. I am constantly improving my skills and like to learn from others!

    My favourite sports are skydiving and B.A.S.E.



    I am Jason from Malaysia and i am currently 23 years old and a final year degree student under Network Security major. I signed up for this course in order for me to learn more knowledge about sports psychology which allow me to expose my students to correct mindset of knowledge starting from young so that they can perform better in the future as an professional athlete. I am formerly a state player for badminton sport and currently i am involving in coaching activities under my own badminton academy. I am really interested with sport psychology as i have some friends which are working within this field but as for experience, i am still seeking for chances to learn more. I am certainly in good luck as i was able to be part of this program. I am hoping that i can learn as much knowledge as i can throughout the whole program on sport psychology and hopefully i can use the knowledge to help those who are in need. Once again thanks for the chance.

    Gustl Pido

    Hi everybody, I’m Gustl Betita Pido. I’m currently a student at the Chinese Culture University, Taiwan and I’m really interested to do a research on the field of Sports Psychology. I hope this will be a great help for me for my future research, this is a great opportunity to participate on this online course.

    Thank you very much.

    Aline Olivio


    My name is Aline. I am Brazilian and work with sport psychology with judo athletes since 2011.
    I like several sports, soccer, rugby, gymnastics, but my favorite is judo.

    I’m sorry, but i don’t speak and write english very well.

    Imman khash

    hello everybody,
    my name is imman khash and i’m from malaysia. currently, i’m concentrating on Frisbee and bodybuilding. the reason i join this course is that i want to learn anything related to sport which i can teach others and also applying to myself. The idea of making an online course attracts me even more which gives and opportunity to learn while in a life of working and having a family for those who go through with it.


    Hey, I’m Simon. I live in Sydney although I’m from New Zealand

    I’ve signed up to this course to simply increase my own knowledge and help get the best from my athletes

    I play rugby, however am off for a year after ACL surgery a few months ago.

    I’m a gym owner and personal trainer, so I’m hoping some of what I learn here I can adapt and use with my clients. I also run corporate training programs and will be training my rugby team while I cannot play next year

    I have no experience in psychology or sport psychology

    From this course I’d like to learn how to get the most from my clients. I’ve been personal training for 8 years now and have come to realise that although exercise and nutrition are important. What people really need to help with motivation and to win the battle in their mind. If I can take one or two things to implement that will help my clients I will be very happy.

    Julian Fernandez


    I’m Julian. I signed for this course to gain a better, more structured understanding about the mental side of sport performance. My favourite sports have to do with long distance endurance (triathlon and trail running). So far I’ve only been a participant, but I want to start coaching soon.


    Hi, My name is Wenxi. I am from Malaysia. I am a Primary Physical Education Assistant Teacher in an international school. I coach the U13 and U15 girls football school team. I am really interested in learning about sports psychology so that I can apply it to my teams that I am coaching and also help excel’s ones individual performances.

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    I am Yallini from Malaysia. I am a biomechanist working with the sport shooting and would like to know more on sports psychology. However, my background sport is Taekwondo. I would like to thank both of you for giving me the opportunity of following this course. Thumbs up for your effort.

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