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    Hi! I am Marissa from the Philippines! I am taking this online course to further develop my research and practice in the field of sport psychology. I am eager to learn from the experiences of others and to share my own experiences in the field. Glad to be in this course 🙂

    Rafael Dubois

    Hello everybody.

    I am Rafael Dubois from Miami Fl, originally from Caracas Venezuela. I am actually in my second year of my masters in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology at Barry University in Miami Shores Fl. I signed up for this course, to learn about different perspectives and different ideas of how we can work with athletes. We are in a field that we never stop learning new things! The more we learn the better practitioners/professionals we are going to be. My favorite sport is Baseball, basketball and surf. I have playing experience in baseball in the high school and some college level. So far I have supervised experience in sport psychology, working with individuals and some teams at the collegiate and high school level. What I am trying to get out of this course, like I mentioned before is to keep learning and have different perspectives of how to work with different populations and different level of athletes. Looking forward to work with all you guys!!!



    I am Sapna from India and I am doing this course with an intention to learn more about application of Sports Psychology in actual sports settings.

    My areas of specialization/interest are Adapted Physical Education and Psychology.

    I am very excited to be a part of this program and look forward to having an amazing learning experience !

    Best Regards 🙂


    Hi, I’m Christie from the U.S. I love all sports, but my professional work focus is on ice hockey. I am also a figure skater myself. I have been practicing sport psychology for upwards of 20 years in various capacities. I wanted to take the course because I am always looking to learn new things and broaden my perspective. I hope to gain an understanding of how sport psychology is applied in practice around the world.


    Hello Everyone ! I am A. a fresh grad of Sports Science . i became interested in taking this course because first, I love swimming! Actually, I am a swimming instructor and an Age-group coach of a local swimming club in the Philippines. I took this course because although I already took one subject regarding sports psychology during my college years, I would still want to further my knowledge regarding mental strength, arousal, confidence and etc. to help my kids overcome their fears and control their emotions for a better performance in their training especially in their races. With the help of the things that I will be learning from this course, I will be able to share my knowledge to my athletes to help enhance their performance and bring out the best in them.


    Hello to everyone. I am Asti. I just want to refresh my knowledge. Regards to Terry

    Wara Rahma

    Hi, I’m Wara from Jakarta, Indonesia. Now, I work as a clinical psychologist in a hospital that provides health services especially for athletes, but I have no educational background in sports psychology, so I am excited to start this course.
    I hope I could better understand the psychological characteristics of athletes so that I can encourage them to maximize their potential and performance. Within an incredible athlete, I believe there are healthy soul, positive thoughts, and remarkable spirit.
    Let’s start learning.

    Neil Martin

    Thanks once again everybody for sharing. So many interesting backgrounds and perspectives.


    Hi professor. I have a doubt.
    The web page “The role of sport psychologist”
    Is it open today?
    The system say me “you have not unlocked this page… Click on the complete button”. But I didn´t found this button in previous page of the course.

    Neil Martin

    Hi Leopoldo,

    Did you mark the proceeding page at complete first. We have prepared a short video at to help with course navigation.


    Julio Abraham

    Hi, I’m Julio form the Philippines. I signed up for this course because I plan to take up a masters in Sport Psychology in the future. My favourite sport is football (soccer) and I’ve been playing it for almost 18 years. I’ve also coached a few kids during summer modules in my old high school as well as help manage the alumni club. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, but I unfortunately did not have much experience in sport psychology as there is a big lack of the course here in my country. I am hoping to get a better understanding of sport psychology as well as learn the basics to this field in psychology.

    Chen HAO

    Hello, I’m CHEN HAO from TAIWAN.My major is Sport and Exercise Psychophysiology.
    I have signed up for this course to refresh and gain knowledge . I am also partaking in this course to improve my blog, Clear Mind, Full Performance.
    I play and coach Taekwondo.
    I am excited to share my knowledge of sport psychology with everyone and learn from others!


    i am Panagiotis from Greece. I am a PE teacher and on June i will finish my master in Exercise and Sport Psychology. The sports i have engaged are Basketball and Kick-Boxing. I have signed up for this course to gain more knowledge in mental skills training and additionally for practical application


    I am Vishva Dhiman from India.My Favorite sport is Basketball. I singed up to gain knowledge of sports psychology and later on ready to apply on my athlete and share it with my students.

    Chen HAO

    HAHA, I Think maybe we have the same hobby. Especially of coaching .In the future maybe we can share many useful information each other .Dont be shy ! just sharing each other happily.

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