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    I’m wayick from philippines.My favorite sport is soccer.I expect to learn more about the importance and value of mental skills training so I can apply it whenever I teach or coach soccer in school.In this day and age, mental skills training plays a big factor before, during and after the game.

    Neil Martin

    Hi all,

    Thank you for your contributions so far. From your posts, I can see a great variety in sporting backgrounds and interests.

    The mental training skills outlined by Peter in this course have been applied in many different sports. You will learn that they need to be learned and practiced just like any other skill in order to help bring out optimal performance.


    Hello fellow psychology interested!

    My name i Jesper and i’m from Denmark. I’ve signed up for this course as a refresher on sport psychology.

    My favourite sport is i soccer and futsal.

    My career as a player isn’t profound, while I’ve been a coach for both soccer and futsal teams for 8 and 3 years, respectively.

    On my bachelor’s degree inn sport science from Aalborg University I’ve only had one semester concerning sport psychology, and thereby consider myself knowing the basics of sport psychology.

    My goal for this course is to achieve new knowledge on sport psychology methods for team sports, hopefully being able to relate this to soccer and/or futsal, as well as refreshing my current knowledge.

    Looking forward to participating in the course and research.


    Hi, my name is Jacob from Denmark and I’m 23 y/o.

    I’m doing this online course as a refresher as I wish to work with sport psychology after graduating from my Master in Sport and Exercise Science at Aalborg University.

    My favourite sport is handball which I perform on a elite level in the second best league in Denmark.

    Previously, I’ve becomed acquainted with coaching, and in particular systemic coaching at my education. Moreover, I’m doing an introductionary coaching course simultaneously with my master, as well as I’m enrolled in a coaching and teambuilding course at my study programme. This is also the reason why I found this course interessing to me.

    By taking this course, I hope to expand and refresh my knowledge within the sport psychological field, so that I feel more comfortable assisting elite athletes in future.


    Hi everybody. Good to see people from all over the world participating. I live in Scotland. I see there is one other participant from here too, so this small country is punching above its weight – as usual.
    I am the national Shotgun (Clay Target) coach, a job I absolutely love. I was an active competitor for many years but decided to move on into coaching as I wanted to keep my involvement in this wonderful sport continuing for ever.
    My reasons for joining up are that I have just finished a Sportscotland sponsored Applied Sport Psychology course which I found interesting and immensely helpful. So, always in the search for knowledge, I am now enrolled here.
    Looking forward to enhancing my skills to be able to further help those I am working with.


    I’m Mads from Denmark. I’m studying a MSc in Sport Science at Aalborg University.
    I signed up for this course to gain some knowledge about sport psychology and to use it in football (soccer) or as a tool for sports clients (athletes).

    I’m excited to participat in this course and share the knowledge behind sport psychology and learn from others.

    Take care.


    Hi! I’m Kristine from Manila, Philippines. I signed for this course to refresh my knowledge from my sports psychology class before. I’m looking forward to gaining more understanding of the subject and applying it to my sport, swimming.


    My name is Matt. I’m a world-ranked amateur golfer, psychotherapist working with families and couples. I am considering developing a practice in sports performance coaching. I love to learn too. I am particularly interested in the processes used to build a mental training program for elite athletes.

    Lin Chien Hsun

    hello everyone, I am Louis from Taiwan.

    I am a doctoral student interesting in sport psychology. i hope i can help athlete improve their sport performance and understand how the “sport psychology” can do.

    thank you!

    Sergio Falci

    I´m a university professor and also work with sports sciences in a club of high-performance athletes.
    My goal with this course is to update and enhance my knowledge in this area.
    My sport of interest is the soccer indoor and football, but I worked for many years as physical trainer of male and female volleyball teams.
    I believe that psychology in sports is inherent in all training systems and happens all the time of interaction between coaches and athletes.
    With this course I hope to have more information to provide athletes I work with.


    Hi there, I’m Fabio from Brazil. I’m graduated in physical education, title of barchelor, in 2013, at Santa Catarina State University in College of Health and Sport Science. Now, i’m in masters course, which i started at august last year. My lab at univesity is called psychology of sport and exercise lab.
    I signed up for this course for my professional and academic development.
    My favorite sport is tennis. I’ve worked as a teacher of this sport.
    I hope improved knowledge on mental skills.


    I am Dennis from Germany and study Sport and Exercise Psychology in Greece. I am looking forward to get more knowledge and about sport psychology from different perspectives, as well as new ideas for the applied work. My coaching background is based on Handball and cycling, but I also love other sports as snowboarding.


    Hi,I’m Seyed Mohammad from Iran. I’m MSc in sport psychology at University of Tehran. I was a soccer player and now I’m soccer coach. I have signed up for this course to have a new experience and learn more about sport psychology.

    Peter Terry

    Hello Everyone
    It’s wonderful to see such a variety of participants from all around the world. The richness and variety of your cultural and sporting backgrounds will add greatly to the learning experience. Please try to recruit your friends and colleagues to take the course … at their own pace, between now and the end of February 2016.

    I really encourage you to share your opinions, your expertise and your insights freely with one another. Don’t be afraid to be controversial. I love to be involved in robust debate among passionate people. Everyone gains from the exchange of ideas. Please be respectful of the views of others at all times even if you disagree with them.

    I’ll be checking in regularly.

    Best wishes
    Peter Terry


    Hello, I’m Hsi from Taiwan. I’m in my final year of bachelor’s studies, major in psychology.
    My favorite sport is basketball and hope that I can work with a sports team as a sports psychologist one day.

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