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    Hello everyone, I am John a Nigerian. I joined this course to broaden my scope in sports. My favourite sport is Table Tennis. I am a play not yet a coach. I do not have much experience in psychology. I hope to be a better player after this training programme.


    Hello everyone, I am John Paul a Nigerian. I joined this course to broaden my scope; my favourite sport is Table Tennis. I am a player not a coach. I do not have much experience in psychology and do hope to come out a better player at the end of this training programme. Thanks.



    Hi! I’m Mitz from Davao City, Philippines.

    I signed up for this course because I met a sports psychologist who referred me to this. It is also for my professional development. I am a Guidance Counselor in our school I was a previous coach of Touch Rugby in school. I also assist in our local club’s juniors development team and aid in grassroots development of the sport when needed. I play different sports: basketball & swimming (for fun and for our school’s employee tournaments), and dragonboat and rugby for our city’s local clubs.
    I’m a graduate of Psychology with a Masters Degree in Guidance Counseling. I got interested in Sports Psychology when I got more involved in our school’s athletics office and becoming exposed to different athletes and coaches (and hearing about the concerns of coaches).
    I hope to learn more about sports psychology and how to apply it in helping grassroots development, as well as the athletes under my care.


    I’m Gene from Laguna, Philippines, I’m a registered psychometrician working in an ofw clinic

    I signed up for this because I just want to learn something new and I’m a sports fan so I think it would also help me improve my understanding of athletes and the pressure, they experience etc. I used to do boxing.


    Why you have signed up for this course?
    – to improve my own knowledge in the field
    What is your favourite sport?
    – Esport, martial arts, Gymnastics, swimming
    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    – about to initiate a teach/coaching project in Esports
    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    -Nothing apart from what i’ve learned from my MSc
    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    -Either some improved knowledge, or reasurence of what I already know, maybe some examples, different methods of dealing with the same issue

    Portia See

    Hi, I’m Portia, a psychologist from the Philippines.
    I was into sports when I was younger but stopped after I became busy with school works.
    My interest in sports was regained after attending s seminar in sports psychology.
    I hope to learn how to use my knowledge in clinical psychology in developing psychologically healthier athletes.


    Hi I’m Pete, from Australia

    I’ve signed up to improve my own knowledge in the field and get an understanding of Sports Psychology.
    My favourite sports are skateboarding and surfing, both of with I do regularly and am currently a skateboarding coach.

    My current knowledge has just come from books and podcasts so I am hoping to get a more in-depth and professional knowledge and skillset from this course.


    Hi my name is Damian,
    I’m currently coaching in the AFL system and always keen to improve my emotional intelligence and teaching methods so that I can give our athletes the best opportunity to develop their skills.
    I look forward to attacking this course!


    Hi I am Vince, a psychotherapist from the Philippines. I am taking this course so I can help my clients who are athletes deal with psychological concerns related to performance.


    Hi,am Phophi

    Daniel Dickson

    Hi, my name is Dan, I am the head coach for a physique competition preparation team, and wish to learn new skills, techniques to give my athletes a psychological advantage.


    Hi, I’m Omar from Malaysia.

    I signed up for this course to gain knowledge on the theory and application of sports psychology. My favourite sports are basketball and football (soccer) and I used to play basketball at university level. I graduated with a degree in psychology and did my internship at the National Sport Institute, Malaysia. Looking forward to deepen my knowledge of sports psychology and gain new insights.


    Pursuing my curiosity!

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