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    Hi there. My names is Jacki and I’m doing this course to see if it is beneficial for a group of coaches I know. I am involved in Floorball as a volunteer administrator.



    First of all I would like to deeply thank the ASPASP for organizing this type of course and that is free of charge as any type of knowledge should be. I felt amazing to find this type of educational tool with such an intellectual value but free of charge.
    I am a tennis professional who is lately trying to involve the psychological approach more and more into the understanding, teaching and feeling the tennis game, from the early ages. As I’m always striving for the most effective possible concept to teach and to develop as my own, the psychological approach got to be the most important part of my work and academic research.


    Hello there! I am Greg from Poland and I am an applied sport psychologist with 5 years experience in the field. I met prof. Terry at ISSP in Sevilla and he recommended this course. I am looking forward to doing it.


    Hi All,

    My name is Tarmala and I am a psychologist from Australia. I also have a degree in Clinical Nutrition. I have a keen interest in well-being, particularly how psychological skills enhance diet and exercise. I work in an organisation where staff frequently perform under pressure and to assist them cope with this on an ongoing basis I am developing a resilience program. My training in psychology was often focused on individual deficits rather than their strength so I am excited to be changing focus and learning skills to help individuals achieve their best and improve their well-being.

    Personally I have a keen interest in weight training, my husband is a sporting development manager and is a keen sailor, and all my children are into fitness and sporting pursuits so we are a very active household.


    Hey, my name is Leesh and I’m interested in golf.

    Namal Perera


    My name is Namal and I am from Sydney.

    Why you have signed up for this course?
    I have always been interested in psychology but never did anything about it in the past. I have a 14y old son who wants to play international cricket and while he has the skills, I have realised the psychological part is as important. Anyone who has played cricket knows it is more of a mind game.

    What is your favourite sport?

    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    I watch a lot of sports but do not play now. Played football when I was younger. I call it football as that is what we called it in the Middle East :).
    I have been involved in managing and coaching junior cricket teams that my sons had played in.

    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    None at present.

    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    A starting point! A foundation!


    Hi Bill from Brisbane Australia here,

    Why you have signed up for this course?
    I am interested in this because I have taken up Golf again after a 25yr break (kids work etc.)
    Been playing again for 4 yrs and have got handicap down to 6. Have found the mental side the biggest challenge to playing my best golf.

    Hope to learn and use myself as a guinea pig and hopefully pass my knowledge on to others who might be struggling.

    What is your favourite sport?

    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    Yes golf see above.

    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    Only reading books and online videos

    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    Hoping to find a way to play my best golf when it counts and possibly help others with the same quest.

    Jimmie Mok

    Hi Neil and all participants,
    My name is Jimmie and I am from Perth Western Australia. I came across this course whilst I was searching for a Sports Psychology course to take up. I was going to sign up for a distance learning course (ACS) and thought this will be a good start to see if I am really going to pursue this subject further.

    I have been coaching club and State Junior volleyball in WA for the past 6 years and I am still actively involved in competitions even though I am 60 years old.I see this course being especially useful in my involvement of coaching the sport as I grow older and my body does not agree with what my mind wants to do-LOL.

    So I am really excited and looking forward to completing this course and learn as much as I can and go from there.
    Thanks so much for offering this opportunity, it is much appreciated.


    Hi, I’m Nataschja from the Netherlands. I have a master in psychology and a specialisation in organisational psychology. Throughout my career I’ve done a lot of coaching in business environments, but I’ve never coached an athlete. A few months ago I migrated to Australia and found two exciting challenges. First of all get used to coaching in English, which isn’t my native language. Secondly, start coaching a young athlete. So I’m taking this course to help me achieve both my goals. And, while I’m at it, I’ll hopefully gain some insight into my own motivational challenges for running 😉 Nataschja


    Hi, i’m jessie, a french personal trainer and boxing trainer for over 15 years. I completed a few MOOC on different topics like nutrition, Health … and after i read a few book a bout sport psychology , i think it’s time to go through something more serious like this course…


    Hi my name is Chris, I am from Melbourne, Australia. I was once an aspiring footballer (AFL) before undergoing 3 knee reconstructions and giving the game away. I am now a personal trainer with a love for psychology as I believe the two go hand in hand. I am looking forward to doing this course and possibly other courses following it.


    Hi im Tineke’,
    I have chosen this course not only for myself but to help other Athletes succeed in the mental state of performing with there mind and not just there sporting ability.
    I play netball and also coach and cant wait to pass this onto our young and old athletes.


    Hello, my name is Alexia. I signed up for this course because I want to get to know more about sports psychology and I want to be a physical therapist. My favorite sport is basketball. No I do not play a sport nor do I coach. No I do not have any experience in psychology nor sport psychology. I’m hoping to be able to know more about sport psychology.


    I am paggie ng from HongKong China.
    My favourite sport was climbing (rock , sport… ).i know the climbing from summer of 1989 untill now . In 2014 i take some mental toughness course and sport mental course, become mental coach .I wanna learn more more and help my athletes team member, so want take this free online sport psychology course.


    I am Albina, a Life Coach. I am coaching an athlete currently. That brings me here to understand the psychology applied in the field of sports.

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