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    I’m Mohd Yusri from Malaysia. Psychology is interesting.



    I’m Mohd Yusri Bin Saibi


    Hello. I’m Zurina from Malaysia.
    Currently pursuing MSc in Sport Science and sport psychology is one the syllabus of the program. I used to be active in sport (track and field). Hoping to gain more knowledge related to sport psychology and share experience across the country.

    Thank you.


    Hello, I’m Aiman from Malaysia. Currently, I’m a student from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and doing Master of Science (Sports Science).

    Why you have signed up for this course?
    My lecturer had bring me here and explained a little bit about this website. As I look through the introduction of this website, I felt this course can give me a lots of knowledge and application about Sports Psychology.

    What is your favourite sport?
    My favourite sport is Tennis. However, I’m only play tennis as recreational activity.

    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    I doesn’t have any experiences in coaching. As I said earlier, I just play a sport for fun and also to keep myself healthy and fit.

    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    I had learned a lots of knowledge about sport psychology since my undergraduate days. However, it’s only just theoretically and doesn’t have any chances applying in real situation.

    What are you hoping to get out of this course
    I hope this course can give me the information as many about the methods and application of sport psychology to the athletes and also this course will raise up my interest to learn more about sport psychology in the future.

    Lawrence OKeeffe

    Hi again – I have at last completed the Course and received the Certificate, albeit showing my user name. The Course has met my expectations completely, reinforcing what I had previously known, and adding much “Asian” perspectives to my understanding & application of Sports Psychology in the field. What I have learnt will defo be useful for me when I am coaching, and addressing the many issues raised such as concentration, self-confidence, moods, arousal levels, etc. Because of the Sport I coach, Group Dynamics was of special interest, and once more really useful information was delivered, which I will gratefully put to good use in the future.

    Many thanks to everyone responsible for putting the Course together and making it available Worldwide. Kind regards,

    Neil Martin

    Hi Lawrieok,

    Congratulations on completing your course and I’m delighted you found it useful from your coaching perspective. I’ve update your profile so that your certificate, when printed again, will display your full name.

    Best wishes



    Hello everyone.
    My name is Rob Burr from Toowoomba QLD. I was introduced to this course via Peter Terry at USQ and the Bachelor of Sport And Exercise Advisory Committee. I am in the Vocational Education sector and have a very keen interest in Sports and mindset. As a Strength and Conditioning Coach over the last 15 years I have been privileged to work with Olympic athletes and various regional and State level sporting codes. I learn something from everyone I have worked with in this format. I am always willing to learn more about the relationship between the mind and performance!

    Many thanks everyone and particularly to Peter Terry and Neil Martin.
    Rob Burr


    Hi, I”m Joshua Ng from Malaysia. I came across this course while searching around the Internet and immediately signed up for it, knowing that I could gain so much knowledge and self-development in the area of sport psychology. I aspire to be a sport psychologist in the future and am preparing myself to pursue masters in sport psy in the UK. I only had experience studying general psychology for my degree and so far had very limited experience when it comes to sport or sport psychology. I do have a great love for psychology and sports especially football, and it would be my dream to get involved in this industry of helping athletes and sport’s performance as a whole. Lastly, I want to thank those involved in creating this course and am excited to learn as much knowledge and techniques here. 🙂


    Hi everyone!

    I’m Myke just moved to Cairns, Australia (lived in Vietnam, Thailand & Melbourne prior)

    I’ve signed up because I’d like to play professional basketball. I’ve played state level but after some injuries and major car accident, I was struggling to perform. I’ve recovered and now ready to excel on an elite level and help empower others in the process


    Hi, I’m Thijs

    I’m interested in learning more of sport’s psychology. I am a cyclist.


    Hi, my name is Joshua.

    I am a first year engineering student and an avid athlete. My main focus currently has been triathlons and I hope to gain knowledge on how your mental state affects physical performance.

    I also enjoy rock climbing and surfing. I feel that rock climbing is a sport that is greatly affected by your mental state and more knowledge on how to better mentally prepare for a climb would greatly aid my performance.


    Hi, my name is Bryan.

    I signed up for this course to gain a better understanding of Sport Psychology. My favourite sport is Football and I am an avid Futsal and Ultimate Frisbee player. I am currently pursuing my degree in Psychology and I am hoping that I come out of this course with more knowledge and a better understanding of Sport Psychology to not only help myself in my sports and teams, and also to help others as an aspiring Sport Psychologist.



    i am kenny from singapore. coaching in swimming and wish to learn more to help my students


    My name is Liz.

    I am a psychology student moving to specialise in sport psychology.

    My favourite sport is weightlifting.


    Hey gang! A bit late but better late than never: I’m Paul from Canada, a recent MSc sport psych graduate from the EMSEP program in Greece/Germany. I’m here because I’m just starting work in this field and am scooping up resources left, right, and centre that might help me in my work. My favourite sports are the ones where intensity and power are present; lately, that’s been rock-climbing, kayaking, and other outdoorsy pastimes. I’ve also been involved in judo from a young age and coach it from time to time.

    Apart from my studies, I coached my university judo team and am now interning with the soccer and golf teams at a local college here, in Vancouver. Coming out of this course I hope to have a more solidified approach to performance consulting, especially the practical details of applied work.

    Excited to get on this — see you guys around!

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