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    Hi! My Daphné, I’m from Canada and presently completing my PH.D. in Psychology and working as a mental skills consultant. I signed for this course in order to enrich my formation and to maybe get unofficial but recognized credentials. My favorite sport is mogul skiing and I used to compete in that sport.


    Hi Everyone,

    I am Peixin from Singapore.
    I coach part time in archery and an archer myself.
    This is a very mental-intensive activity and i hope to gain an understanding of how we can structure activities for better management. Looking forward to share the new knowledge with my fellow archers.


    Hi my name is Jen,
    I am a psychologist in general practice. I am taking this course as professional development to increase my skills in helping athletes hone their performance. This area of psychology has become a point of particular interest for me because I have one daughter who has just begun a modelling career and is struggling with the dietary and exercise requirements to get to the elite level and I also have another daughter who is in a gift dance program at high school and has issues with maintaining motivation to train appropriately.


    Why you have signed up for this course?
    I’m a student at Aalborg University, where i’m taking my masters in sports and exercise science, and hooked in the psychology field.

    What is your favourite sport?
    My sport for many years was Cycling, both road and MTB. I have also played floorball, badminton, tabel tennis, soccer and present day i train in the gym, i swim and run, beside cycling.

    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    Both, but mostly i uses this to be coaching in sport, but also in other fields. I’m an military instructor in the army, where i can use some of these things too.

    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    I have been using coaching for lifestyle change in a term project, but also elite ishockey players, have been under my coaching.

    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    I hope that i get more insigth and making a better basic for my coaching.


    Hi, I’m Caren, I was asked to take the course by Peter as he will be running a workshop here and this way I get to see what the workshop will be based on.


    Hi,I’m Louis & a swimming coach.
    I hope to learn new insights & knowledge from this course & improve my coaching..


    Hi, I’m Laura from Finland. I just signed up for this course and hope to be able to finish it before the course area is closed. I’m a fifth year psychology student in the university of Turku, Finland and soon to become a psychologist. At the moment I’m writing my Master’s thesis about athletic and student identities in high school student-athletes in Finland. I’m taking this course to refresh and gain knowledge of sport psychology. My sporting background is in swimming, in which I competed for 15 years. I have also coached teenage swimmers for several years. In future I would like to work as a sport psychologist and get back to coaching 🙂


    Long-term athletic coach and former educational psychologist just keeping up-to-date

    Lawrence OKeeffe

    Hi – I am Lawrie now from England, but originally from South Africa. The course has just been highlighted on a Sport Psycho Facebook Group I belong to, so I hope I will be able to complete it in time. The course will hopefully reinforce my knowledge, and because it is from the Asian Region it may have some new angles for me to experience. My Sport is (Field) Hockey which I have participated in for some 58 years. I have represented my Country of origin, and Regionally my adopted Country. I have been lucky enough to have also Umpired at the highest level in South Africa. At present I am a full-time Coach, covering most levels from ages 11 to 55 years of age. Last Summer I coached the England Mixed Hockey Team. Sports Psych has become an area of ever increasing interest in my quest for coaching proficiency; I read Psychology as part of a Business Administration Degree many years back. I look forward to completing the Course and reading the many contributions posted to the Forum.

    Conrad Francis

    I am Conrad Francis
    Dual Olympian Swimmer who participated at the Sydney and Athens Olympics Games. I am now a professional swimming coach who coaches swimmers at the National level. I am dual Citizen of Sri Lanka and Australian. I have been coaching for the past 10 years and now coaching in Beijing formerly back in Sri Lanka. I believe this course will give me the insights of what am looking for to gain that extra edge when it comes to prelims and finals. As a professional swimmer i know the key importance of this course of which i went through many many years back.

    Peter Terry

    Hi Conrad
    Welcome to the course. I think I met you in Sri Lanka at a conference a couple of years ago. I’m looking forward to reading your insights.

    Peter Terry

    Hi Caren and welcome to the course. I’m looking forward to meeting you in KL next week.


    Hello all,

    I’m Nurathirah from Malaysia


    I am Nisa
    My Favourite sport is taekwondo.
    I’m hoping to develop a better understanding adept at solving conflicts.



    I’m Hazwan from Malaysia and a student from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and currently doing my MSc. in Sports Science.

    Why you signed up for this course?
    I’m signing up for this course is because I want to learn new things regarding Sports Psychology and the latest studies and approach that I can learn and apply. Furthermore, Sports Psychology is one of my subjects in my masters course and for my masters thesis, I’m measuring mood states in relation to sports massage.

    What is your favourite sport?
    My favorite sport will be football but I never at it. I’ve played tenpin bowling before (state and varsity level) but then I just lost interest in it and burn-out in the end until now.

    Do you play sports or involved in coaching?
    I’m playing all kinds of sports just to keep myself fit and healthy. No, I never had any coaching experience or been involved in any coaching modules/ classes.

    Do you have any experience of psychology or sports psychology?
    Yes, only theoretically during my undergraduate days.

    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    To learn new methods and approach coming out of Sports Psychology.

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