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    Hi, I’m Daniela from Italy.
    i’m a sport psychologist and I am taking this program as a refresher and to develop my knowledge that I had from my previous master in sport psychology. I play and coach volleyball, but as a sport psychologist I work with football, dance and swimming.
    Thank You


    Hi Folks,
    My name is John, I am a faculty member and consultant at an institution of higher education in Chicago. I am interested in learning how other teachers and practitioners approach the field of sport psychology and translate theory into practice. I particularly interested in program evaluation. It’s terrific how international this forum is already!

    I recommended this course to a couple of my students too. I’m hoping they sign up. I think this is a great concept and terrific idea for a doctoral project. I am looking forward to refreshing my knowledge and participating in this innovative opportunity.

    Thank you for creating this.


    Hello everybody,

    thanks for offering such a course. My name is Martin and I am coming from Germany. I am a sports scientist and my pervious research was about the yips in golf in the field of sport psychology. I am taking the course to get more insights in the applied field of sport psychology. My favorite sports are soccer, tennis and others. See you soon.




    I am a current doctoral student in Kinesiology and am very interested to gain more experience in working with athletes in a sport psychology setting.


    Hi Neil
    I am Ebrahim Moteshareie, PhD candidate of motor behavior with concentration in sport psychology in Shahid Beheshti university, IRAN
    I am very glad for participating in this course. from years ago, I have known professor peter terry form his work on mood state and one I have read most of his works in this area.I think this course will help everyone that interested in sport psychology both as practitioner and researcher.
    I have been playing badminton since 20 years ago and I have been coaching from 6 years ago in badminton.
    also i have been working in sport psychology as researcher and practitioner since 8 years ago and published some peer reviewed articles in Iranian academic journals.
    I hope that this course will be more practical to theoretical and professor terry give us some real and practical example of doing psychological consulting and intervention that has done with athletes in his past experiences.
    sincerely yours


    Hello everyone,

    My name is Zenzi. I signed up for this course to give myself first-hand experience of the efficacy of taking a sport psychology course online. My favorite sport to play is volleyball while my favorite sports to watch are basketball and football. Through this course I am hoping to gain more knowledge about the applied aspects of sport psychology.


    Hi! My name is Ben Thompson and I am a clinical social worker in Massachusetts. I am the Director of Psychological Counseling Services at the Williston Northampton School in Easthampton, Massachusetts and have had a private psychotherapy practice for 32 years. I am in the process of morphing my private clinical practice into a “mental health and performance psychology for athletes” practice.

    I play lots of sports regularly, including tennis, platform tennis, ice hockey, distance running, softball, golf, and Ultimate frisbee. I’ve run a couple of marathons and, a loooong time ago, was the New Jersey state champion in the half mile run.

    In recent years, I have coached high school ice hockey, Ultimate, and tennis.

    I hope to gather additional skills related to mental toughness and optimal performance in athletics.


    Hello Dr. Martin,
    My name is Elizabeth, and I have a doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) and am a member of the American Psychological Association’s Division of Sport and Performance Psychology. I live in California, USA, and I work at Silicon Valley Ballet. I am interested in this course to refresh my knowledge in Sport and Performance Psychology and glean from the experience of the world renowned Dr. Peter Terry! I am hopeful to apply what I learn to my client body of professional ballet dancers and pre-professional ballet students in private work and in consultation lectures. I also am beginning to branch into Sport Psychology for swimmers who are currently coached by an Olympic athlete, and I aim to work with Olympic Team Trials in the future. I am grateful to have found this course, and hope to use it toward a specialized degree in Sport and Performance Psychology.


    Hi! I’m Angel from the U.S.

    Why you have signed up for this course?
    I’m at the tail end of my Doctoral program in sport and performance psychology and I believe additional training is always a benefit for the clientele that I serve.

    What is your favourite sport?
    My favorite sport intersects between basketball and American football.

    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    I played volleyball and softball in high school. I currently volunteer youth coaching for basketball.

    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    I am a licensed professional counselor who provides counseling services to athletes and performers. I have been in a doctoral program for four years studying sport and performance psychology.

    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    I hope to be able to add to my library of resources and really develop a comprehensive mental skills training program for my clientele that I serve.

    Tiffany Page

    Hi, I am Tiffany and I signed up for this course to get a refresher in sport psychology. My favorite sport is CrossFit. I am a crossfitter, plus I coach various of after school sports and also a running coach. I have experience in sport psychology.


    Hello, I am Jose from Costa Rica. I would like to continue expanding my knowledge in sports psychology through global resources like this program. My favourite sports are soccer, tennis and surfing. I am mainly involved in coaching (soccer). I have a degree in Sport Psychology from Universidad Santa Paula in Costa Rica. I currently participate in several programs by Costa Rica’s Soccer Federation which focus on developing young athletes through out the country. I am also involved in a program that prepares young surfers for professional competition.

    Best regards !


    Hi there! My name is Dave and I’m currently living in Perth, WA, splitting time between my own PhD studies in sport psychology and consulting work in a range of performance settings. I have signed up for this course as a means to continue learning and developing my professional practice. My favourite sport is surfing, but I also have an interest in Australian Rules football, Rugby Union, and Crossfit, participating primarily at a social level these days. I look forward to growing and gaining insight into different perspectives on how we “do” sport psych and mental skills training.


    My name is Leopoldo. I am from Venezuela. My favorite sport is tennis. I played tennis in the past. I am sport psychologist.

    I´d like to improve my knowledge on sport psychology assessment and mental training


    Hi, Steve from New Zealand.
    I am interested in what the content will be in this course, I am heavily involved in rowing, having competed and coached and am still active in masters competition.
    I am interested in the level of detail this course covers in sport psychology.


    hi, i’m putra from jakarta, Indonesia. i’m working in national sport hospital in Indonesia, which provide sport medicine and science services for indonesian elite athlete, i join this course to get more knowledge about psychology in sport setting. i do enjoying sport such running and badminton even i’m not an athlete. at least im exciting to know more and hope this course would more than just a theory sharing club. thanks

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