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    Hi, I’m Anna
    •Why you have signed up for this course? To help the athletes that I work with get the best out of themselves and improve performance. To improve my own knowledge and how to apply this to others
    •What is your favourite sport? Kyaking and running
    •Do you play sport or involved in coaching? Former Olympic athlete
    •Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology? as an athlete working with Peter Terry


    Hello, I’m Zuzana, originally coming from Slovakia, living and working in the UK. I’m psychologist, biofeedback and performance coach also working with athletes in Slovakia an UK.
    I’d like to enhance my knowledge of sport psychology so I can be offer better support to the athletes I work with.

    Looking forward to the course


    Sunday Dickson

    My name is Sunday Dickson
    I am a Tennis Coach from West Africa, Nigeria!

    Looking forward to learn EVERYTHING this course has to offer on sports psychology. I really do need this course to upgrade/update my knowledge in Coaching.

    Thank you

    Jane Marsden

    Hi, my name is Jane. I am doing this course as part of my ongoing professional development as an accredited swimming coach in Singapore. I also completed a double major in psychology for my BA from the University of Queensland so have an interest in psychology.

    Monika Kolarova


    my name is Monika and I live in the Czech Republic. I signed up for this course because of my very big interest in sport psychology. My favourite sport is table tennis, tennis and biathlon. I used to play table tennis for almost 10 years, but ended my career when I was 18 due to my permanent injury. I graduated in psychology (master degree in Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic) in 2015. Now I am working as a school psychologist in elementary school.


    I hsin from Taiwan, hoping to learn through this platform to more sports psychology knowledge makes me more handy in teaching


    My name is Ooi Miin from Singapore. I am a swimming coach in Swimming,open water and Lifesaving for 20years. Currently i am lecturing swimming in an association. I wish to refresh my knowledge in Psychology in order to manage my currently swimming and triathlon team.
    I believe mental skills can forward my teams to the next level of competition.


    Hi!I am Marcello from Brazil.
    I would like to know about the athlete’s need and how to help them.
    I am a volleyball coach.
    I have a little experience with sports psychology.
    I hope to help more the players under pressure of sports.


    I’m Carina, and I am taking this course to learn more about sport psychology as I am interested in continuing my education in this area. My favorite sport to play is volleyball, but I am also a big American football fan. I am currently studying Athletic Training as my undergraduate degree, so I’m involved in athletics at my university. In high school I took a sports psychology class, and loved it. I found it very interesting how the mind and other aspects can effect the way an athlete performs.


    I’m Kahotea, from New Zealand. I am interested in developing a greater understanding of psychology practices to improve sports performance. I practice Aikido and Goju-Ryu Karate. Improving mental skills would greatly increase skill development I believe.


    Hi all! My name is Tyus and I am a freshman at Kansas State University in the United States. I am currently studying Psychology and Kinesiology at my university and hope to use the knowledge gained to get into a graduate program somewhere in the world and study Sport Psychology. My passion growing up has always been sports, I played football and basketball all the way until my senior of high school and then I decided to not pursue either at the next level. Even though I have finished playing, I hope to still create a positive impact on a team and that is way I am taking this course and pursuing Sport Psychology as a career.

    C.Y Wang Li

    Hello,My name is Chung-Yi Wang Li from Taiwan.I’m a student of the Chinese Culture University. I’m a table tennis player.I participate this course is because I want learn more about sport psychology.


    Hello,My name is Hsin Huang from Taiwan. I am a studentof the Chinese Culture Universtiy. I am a collegiate table tennis player. I want to be a coach, so I want to learn sports psychology.


    Hello,my name is Hsien-Tzu CHENG from Taiwan.I am a collegiate table tennis player.I am a student of the Chinese Culture University. The reason I participate this course is because I want to learn more about sport psychology knowledge for my sport performance.

    Leo S.Y.CHEN

    Hello everyone! I am from Taiwan. My name is SZU-YU CHEN I am studying at the Chinese Culture University. I’m a Table Tennis Player. The reason I participate this cour is because I want to learn more about sport psychology for my sport performance.

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