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    Hi, I am Peter from Slovakia, 37 years old and married. I work as a sport psychologist for 1,5 years and I like this job very much. Before that I did elite sport, I was elite soccer player here in Slovakia for 15 years. So I am most familiarized with soccer. Now I like to work with other sports as well because it opens up new horizons for me. Regarding this course I would like to deepen my knowledge in sport psychlogy and gain new skills in helping athletes, coaches and parents.


    Hello everyone,

    This is Houyuan from Taiwan. I’ve been teaching and coaching in a school for 5 years. Myself is a basketball lover. From 2012 to 2014 I had the honer to attend the EMSEP, European Master in Sports and Exercise Psychology, in Finland and Germany. I have been very much inspired by the content and people in this field. Currently I work as a sports consultant, focusing on the fitness industry.

    The reason I signed up for this course is to refresh my knowledge and to expend it through collaboration and discussion. I hope we all have fun and a good learning experience. I am open for any discussion.


    Vincent Yeo

    Hi, my name is Vincent. Spots psychology is new to me. I am interested to know how it can affect sports performance. Thanks.


    Hi, my name is Olav Versloot, living in the Netherlands. I’m working as an exercise physiologist in a professional football academy. I’ve taken a sports psychology course in uni, but that’s quite a while ago. I hope to pick up that knowledge and improve it further.


    Hi my name is vanny, I am the student of the Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.
    I love sport psychology, I hope to learn more about sport psychology for my studies.
    I like to dance. My favorite sport is badminton.
    Now I am taking the course of sport psychology in the undergraduate program.
    I wish I can learn more about sport psychology so I can use it in my special.


    Hello, my name is Kanyali Ilako, I have signed up for this course in order to gain more knowledge in the field of sports psychology, having been a swimmer for my country, Kenya for about ten years, I know it is important to be very mentally strong in sport and I hope that by doing this course I will be able to help budding swimmers in my country reach their full potential.After my career as an international swimmer I was a coach for one and a half years before choosing to study a masters in sports and exercise psychology, being on the other side made me see the gaps there are with coaching in my country and athlete progression and I hope to bridge these gaps. I studied psychology in my undergraduate degree.


    Hi I’m Maria from Greece. I’m finishing my Master in Sport Psychology and I find this course very interesting.

    Nicholas McMillen

    Hey, my name is Nick McMillen.

    I have signed up for this course because I just graduated from undergraduate at the University of Georgia, and I am applying to graduate schools in counseling psychology and sport psychology. I eventually want to become a sport psychologist so I think this course is a great beginning to my learning. I am also a gymnastics coach so it will immediately help me with the gymnasts.
    I grew up swimming until I graduated high school, then in college I started gymnastics. Gymnastics has become my whole life since I participate in it and coach it.
    I am hoping to receive more of a skill set when completing this course so I can learn how to help athletes cope with stress or fear/anxiety.
    Nick McMillen


    Hi I’m Rhonda from Australia. I have recently completed a Clinical Psychology Masters and am working on a personal training qualification in my non-work time. My previous career was in health promotion and prevention and I am interested in “wellness” across different populations. I am hoping to complete my first triathlon in 2016. For me, this course is of both professional and personal interest.



    I am TAN Eng Choon from Singapore. I am a multi-sports coach in badminton, handball and tchoukball. I would like to find out more about sports psychology to help my athletes copy with competition stress and anxiety.

    Frank Muller


    Im Frank from Luxembourg. Im currently living in Berlin where I finished my master degree in Sport Psychology. I am working with athletes from Luxembourg and Germany. I am also teaching Sport Psychology at a university in Berlin. I’ve played basketball for my entire life and almost 10 years on a semi-professional level. Besides basketball I’d say that I am interested in almost any sport. I am taking this course to refresh some stuff, but also to hopefully learn new things about different sport psychology topics.



    Victoria Chan

    Hi, I am Victoria from Singapore. I hope this course would help me personally as a recreation athlete and as a coach.


    My name is Wendy, I am the student of the Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.

    Michael Owino

    Hi,am Mike
    I came to the site due to a colleague advise,though from where i am with the team am currently involved with we have had up and down performance and from my perspective our mental preparedness has been the lacking bit. I am a conditioning coach working with rugby teams from a variety of age groups,motivating people to do hard work and for them to see the importance of it is a skill i believe all coaches should have. My biggest area of interest has been motivation(having the desire to achieve or do more than what is expected) and i believe the information in this course will help me to prepare my athletes better and ultimately improve their performance. Am positive about this course!!!

    Philip Lew

    Greetings, my name is Phil from Malaysia.

    The reason I signed up for this course is because of my passion for sport psychology and to enhance my knowledge in the field. My favourite sport is football. I played futsal and ten-pin bowling during my leisure hours. I am a qualified football coach. I graduated with a MSc in Sport Psychology from Liverpool John Moores University and currently working with my country’s national sport institute. I hope to enhance my knowledge by learning and sharing my experience with others.

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