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    Hi, my name is Peta. I have signed up for this course as a refresher to my previous degrees in Psychology and Dance Science. My favourite sport is dancing and I am involved in dancing as both a teacher and student. I’m currently doing a PhD with a focus on performance psychology in dance and am hoping that this course will help me with my plans to implement mental skills training for dancers as part of my project.


    Why you have signed up for this course?
    Excellence never ends, try to stay up to date with best practice,looking at respectives, a desire to get better at ‘stuff’, desire to make a ‘difference’.
    What is your favourite sport?
    Invasion games: football, ice hockey,… net games: volleyball, tennis, badminton,
    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    I play badminton and volleyball at a recreational level weekly (at age 50), and coach a Varsity girls volleyball team, and a boys tennis team. My son (13) is passionate about football.
    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    In a previous life I was a FT sport psychologist at Aspire (Qatar), and worked with different athletes/clubs/federations.
    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    Rage for mastery, and get connected.


    Hi My name is Recep, am originally from Turkey but have been studying and working as a sport psychologist in the UK. I am always keen to learn new techniques and different approaches from others.
    Thanks for giving us this opportunity to learn a little bit more.
    Best Wishes


    My name is Lars I am form the Netherlands, to check if all my knowledge about sport psychology learned in my master human movement science is still up to date I am doing this course.

    My main sport is Waterpolo, I am playing and coaching as well.

    Jason Marsden

    I am Jason and I live and work in Singapore, teaching at an international school. My daughter is a sprinter and I hope this course will help with her efforts.


    Hi all,

    I’m Loo from Malaysia. I am a sports nutritionist. I’m taking this course because I want to learn the knowledge and the skills in sports psychology so that I can apply on the athletes that I think is necessary. Thanks!


    HI all,

    I am Loo from Malaysia. I am a sports nutritionist. I hope I can learn more knowledge and skills in sports psychology so that I can apply what I have learn for my athletes if there are any needs. Thanks!

    Neil Martin

    Welcome to all our new course participants and thanks for sharing your insights. Please remember that you can take the course at your own pace. You may also be interested to know that we’ve had 14 learners reach the end of the course so far and have uploaded their mental training program and received a certificate of completion. You can see their mental training programs here.


    My name is Dryden Baumfalk and I am from the United States. I play a variety of sports at the amateur level, and i would like to learn more about sports psychology as I am about to graduate with a dual degree in Nutrition and Kinesiology and have become very interested in how people can compete at high levels. Also, I am very self improving type of persona and think methods in sports psych can help me accomplish this.

    Yeo Chern Tat


    I’m Chern Tat from Singapore. I’m always interested in Sports Psychology and mental skills training and I hoped this course will share some more insights.

    In area of Sports, I’m a freelance archery coach, I also do Sports Presentation/entertainment.
    In other areas, I work as a lecturer and Freelance as a Producer for TV networks or corporate work.

    Well, I like Archery and Running. I am venturing into Rhythmic Gymnastics, a new sport I experience via Sports Presentation. I do freelance coaching these days.

    I was trained in Sports Psychology and mental skills training as a coach…. would like to explore further into this field for self development.


    Hi Neil,
    I’m Chris from Singapore. I first came to know about this course on my Facebook’s Singapore Sport Psychology Network Group a couple of months back and decided to sign up and participate in the course.

    I’m a Mental Skills Coach and have been working with athletes and coaches from various sport disciplines e.g, Judo, Karate, Wushu Softball, Field Hockey, Professional Golf, Canoe Polo, Cross-country distance running and Ice-Figure Skating.

    I look forward to reinforcing and enhancing my present mental skills through this Sport Psychology course and be more effective in my conduct and delivery of the topics and modules presented. In so doing, I hope to enable more athletes, coaches and support staff to appreciate and apply the sport psychology perspectives to further enhance their understanding and application of the knowledge acquired in their mental preparation and performance in their sport.

    Thank you Mr. Neil Martin and Prof. Peter Terry for designing this course and making it available for our learning enhancement and participation in the program.


    Hi I am Mitesh from India.
    Pursuing masters in psychology
    Why you have signed up for this course?
    I am taking this program as a refresher and as interest in this field of sports. I did my Internship in National Sports Institute Malaysia as Intern in Sports Psychology department.
    What is your favourite sport?
    Cricket, Football and Handball
    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    I do play Cricket and football often. But not consistent now a days.
    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    Pursuing Masters in Psychology, Indian Institute of Psychology and Research (Bangalore, India)
    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    Improved Wisdom and knowledge on mental skills and abilities to build my understanding in this field so I could help athletes accordingly.


    Hi, this is Welly Tjia. Myself is a competitive badminton player cum coach.I am always pgrading myself so as to improve my coaching skills (both theory and technical). I strongly believe that sport psychology plays an important part in improving the athlete performance. I hope that by the end of this course I’ll have a better understanding of sport psychology and at the same time to get a certificate to recognize my involvement and understanding in sport psychology.


    Hi, I am Abhilasha Saharan
    I am from India, I want to contribute in the field of hockey through sports psychology, presently working with women’s hockey team of India. Hockey is one thing I love more than anything. to upgrade my skills and refine my knowledge on sports psychology literature. I have done my masters in applied psychology and played hockey upto jnr. state level. Want to see my country again achieving the glory in hockey through my little contribution which I can provide.


    Hi. I’m Joseph from Singapore. My coaching part time. Due to work commitments, it is difficult for me to take leave and attend courses/clinics related to coaching. This online course lets me learn at my own pace and I think might allow me to motivate my students better. I coach swimming and dabble in some triathlon.

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