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    Ha Young Hoon

    Hello !!
    My name is Young Hoon from Korea and stay in Singapore now.
    I coach and play tennis.
    At the same time, I have been working as managerial position for a company.
    At court as coach and player and at office as well, I am always interested in how to manage
    motivation, anxiety, self-confidence, and so on which your course may deal with.
    I am looking forward to taking this course.

    Neil Martin

    Thank you once again for introducing yourselves and sharing a little about yourself. We’ve had a tremendous response to this particular activity with 150 posts to date. You may also be interested to know that this course continues to generate a great deal of interest. The course site has received over 20000 page views in three week from 74 countries.

    We hope you are enjoying the course.

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    Leonard K

    Hi, my name is Leonard from Singapore.
    I just finished my MSc in Sports Business Management. (UK)
    I am currently a Sports Coach, coaching Soccer, Athletics and Inline Skating

    Why you have signed up for this course?
    Would like have further insights in Mental skills through evidence based research as well as personal development.

    What is your favorite sport?

    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    I am a full time coach.

    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    Mental skills Training courses

    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    To help my athletes to achieve their personal best as well build their individual confidence.



    Hello, thank you for this course. My name is Guoxiao Sun, a third year PhD student doing sport psychology in Beijing Sport University, China. I am currently working with a judo athlete and her coach for the preparation of the 2016 Olympic Games and I am interested in gaining more knowledge and skills of mental training.


    Hi, I’m Chris,from Singapore. Know a bit of psychology. Taking this course is either update or refresh my knowledge. Hopefully lol.

    Seah Kim Huay

    Hello! I’m Seah. This is my first online course. I learned some basic sport psychological techniques a number of years ago, and would like to learn more about sport psychology.



    My name is Mikkel and i am a basketball coach from Denmark.

    I am here to get a insight in the world of sport psychology, and i am really looking forward to learn new techniques i can use in my coaching

    Lisa Rubin

    Hello, I am Lisa and am a faculty member at a public university in the United States. I teach courses and research about college athletics in the U.S. I work with our Sports Psychologist on research activities and he recommended this course.

    I signed up to gain more knowledge about Sports Psychology. My favorite sport to watch is American college football. I do not really enjoy professional sports much besides baseball. I have watched some Aussie Rules Football though which is a lot of fun! I worked with college athletes as an advisor for academics and life skills development, which is related to Sports Psychology. Right now our research is focusing on athletes and leadership development. I am hoping to learn more about the mental training and barriers to sport performance.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise!

    Khai Chy Tneh

    Hi, I’m Khai Chy from Malaysia. I’m a sport psychology officer at the National Sports Institute of Malaysia. Personally, I’m actively involved in competitive football, the sport which I am passionate about. Looking forward to the exchange of ideas with others in the forum. Cheers!

    laura carey

    Hi, I am Laura from Scotland. I signed up to this course to learn more about how sport psychology can be applied. I have an MSc in Psychology of Sport. I like outdoor sports (trail running, mountain biking climbing) and currently becoming a keen yogi.


    Hi Everyone!

    Zalina here from Singapore. You can call me Za for short.

    Been a full time coach coming to 9 years now and is currently very active in the ten-pin bowling coaching scene.Did my Sports Coaching degree program with University of Wolverhamton, UK.

    Am also currently training various levels of bowlers ranging from beginners to elite, school teams and individual athletes as well. Would like to improve on the sports program that I am currently running and I strongly believe that this would be a great place to start.

    Looking forward to apply the knowledge that you guys are sharing. Love to hear from everyone

    Good reading everyone. Cheers!

    Ryan Choo

    Hi im Ryan,

    The reason im taking this course is to upgrade myself and my knowledge to help in my coaching and trainig techniques.

    Im a rugby player and coach.

    I have no formal education on this course of study.

    I expect to get as much knowledge that i can use on my players as possible,so that i can help the teams i work with inprove their performance over the time that i work with them.


    Hi all

    My Name is Ronald. I am a leisure swimming coach.

    I am doing this course to fulfill some attachments.
    But i am also interested in sports pyscho so why not 🙂

    I love to swim cycle and run.


    Hi, my name is Jochen.

    I’m currently enrolled in the European Masters of Sport and Exercise Psychology program.
    This seemed to be a useful addition to my current courses.
    My favorite sport is football.
    I’m hoping to gain knowledge about supporting individual athletes and teams on a mental level.


    Hi im Tiegan and currently studying in sixth form, I am applying to this course in order to gain more qualification to help me succeed in life and get into my uni course, which is sports psychology. I am wondering if the course has started and if so when are the hand in dates?

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