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    Hi, I am Naki from Tuvalu. I signed up because my Lecturer in sport psychology encourage us(students) to take this course. Currently am studying for my PhD in Physical Education at National Taiwan Sport University, Taiwan. I do power-lifting and represent my country in the last three Pacific Games. Hope i learn and know more about sport psychology after taking this course.


    This is Pan, Min from Taiwan. I am currently studying for sport training as a doctoral student in University of Taipei. My research focus is on sports psychology and I am interested in sports counseling to assist athletes develop stronger and healthier mental status. My undergraduate major was political science and I studied for the master program of criminology in the U.S. (didn’t get the degree though) I later obtained a master degree on recreation and sports management while my research topic was moral disengagement in sport. Since I have no athletic or coaching background there are still a lot to learn for me in this area. I believe this course will provide valuable and insightful knowledge. 🙂


    Hello, I’m Jeremiah from Malaysia.
    My favourite sport is Artistic Gymnastics and I also representing my country go for competition. I would like to join this course to learn more sport psychology and strengthen my mental skills.



    I’m Jérémie and I study sport psychology in Canada. I am looking forward following this course to enhance my knowledge of applied sport psychology and gain insight from other sport psychologists and practitioners.

    Manpreet Singh

    I am Manpreet Singh from Singapore. My Favourite Sports is Volleyball and Athletics.I have signed up for this course to refresh and gain knowledge after completing my Masters in Psychology of Sport at The University of Indore, India.
    I play and coach volleyball & Atheletics.
    I am excited to share my knowledge of sport psychology with everyone and learn from others!


    Hi, My name is Eric from Singapore.

    Why you have signed up for this course?
    Have an huge interest in sports psychology
    What is your favourite sport?
    Swimming and strength conditioning
    Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
    School Physical educator and Swim coach
    Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
    Not at the moment
    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
    Gain the basic knowledge in sports psychology


    Hello I am Josh and I am interested in this course because I want to learn more about elite athletes. I am a Master’s student and have the dream of one day working in professional baseball

    Dan Mckinlay


    I’m Dan from the UK. I’m a keen climber and mountaineering instructor. I signed up for this course to get a better understanding of the climbers I coach. I also work with wounded military personal some of whom are diagnose with post traumatic stress disorder. I would like to see what transferable skills there are between coaching sports and individuals on a recovery pathway and to help with my own climbing ambitions. Thanks for this opportunity.

    Chen HAO

    Hello, I’m HAO from Taiwan . I am a master student .
    I have signed up for this course to refresh and gain knowledge . I am also partaking in this course to improve my blog, Clear Mind, Full Performance. Especially how to improve the athlete performance ?
    I play and coach taekwondo .
    I am excited to share my knowledge of sport psychology with everyone and learn from others!

    Jason von Stietz

    Hi, I’m Jason.

    I signed up to keep building my sport psychology skill set.

    My favorite sport to compete in is weightlifting. My favorite sport to watch is MMA or anything during the summer Olympics.

    Since I started my PhD program I have been too busy to train. However, most recently I competed in weightlifting for several years.

    I have research experience in sport psychology (i.e. my dissertation). I was also a sport psychology intern at the Major League Baseball Urban Youth Academy in Compton, I ran optimal performance workshops for a weightlifting teams, and now I a consult for a college softball team.

    I am hoping this course gives me cool useful stuff to use with the softball I am working with.


    I’m Ira and I’m a netball coach, coaching young ones in school. I would love to find out if psychology not only helps elite athletes but those growing up dreaming to be one. I went through psychology sessions when I was an athlete in school but never classes per se.
    Great to be here. Thank you.

    Kok Kiat Xuan

    Hello everyone,

    I am Kiat Xuan from Singapore. I signed up for this course to gain more insight and knowledge about sport psychology. I had prior knowledge of sports psychology briefly in the basic sports science course that I took a few years back and found it interesting about how it affects performance. I am really glad that there is this online course which let me gain more in depth on this particular area. My favorite sport is swimming and I am involved both an athlete as well as a coach. Through both roles, I found that this area is one of the important aspect that is likely to be left out when an athlete goes for a competition. I do not really have much of an experience in sport psychology but did tried a few methods on my self as well as my athlete with different outcome that is some athlete worked really well and gain better result and some did not really came out well. Thus, I would like to know more through this course on how can it be enhance or why it did not work well. Hopefully, I can have more knowledge and better assist my athletes to a greater new heights.

    jessica rita

    Hi, I’m Jessica. I play and coach netball. Currently I’m working closely with elite swimmers,hence would like to learn more on sports psychology. I have studied a few modules on sports psychology during my undergraduate studies in sports science.

    Amdrew Mah

    Hi. I am Andrew from Singapore. I am a tennis coach since 1982, working with team from Primary Schools to The Polytechnic. I also conduct private lessons.
    Appreciate having the opportunity to do this course which I belie will increase my knowledge to share and coach my students to be better players.



    My name is Saravanan Tabethu, I am a dedicated Sports Director/Coach with several years of experience in coaching athletes in track & field and various types of sports. I have the passion for running and I have participated in variety of sports. My purpose is to seek an opportunity to spread my love of sports among the young athletes. I maintain my passion for instilling in athletes the importance of lifelong learning, health, and fitness.

    I signed up for this course for my professional development. I want to learn more about sports psychology.
    I am hoping to improve my knowledge on mental skills and ability for my athletes after completing this course.
    I am having an interest in learning sport psychology to further my knowledge and education, by learning the basics through this course.


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