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    Mike was the greatest.


    This video shows how intrinsically motivated Michael Jordan is as a basketball player. He stated that he was doing and practicing it for joy and his own pleasure then success and everything just followed. He valued competitiveness inside him and others. According to this, he is probably type 3 which is high need for achievement and low fear of failure.

    However, I still believe that no matter how much it seems to be intrinsic motivation, human beings, who are social animals, must have some sort of connection between intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Michael Jordan was obviously playing basketball for his own pleasure but what made it fun may connect to extrinsic motivation. But if it’s mostly integrated into one’s own internal world, and he/she has done well without any problem, it may not be necessary to clearly identify it (the extrinsic connection) and let it come to the surface.


    Both: intrinsic because of the enjoyment and love that he has for the game and extrinsic , as he likes to be superior than others.

    Nur Shuhaida

    I think MJ was intrinsically motivated and he was Type 3 person.


    He is surely a person who is motivated by intrinsic motivation, he just loves the sport, and he trained hard and the hunger to meet new opponents allowing him to rise up to the challenges that he faced. Not afraid for bad things to happen, and able to accept that bad things will happen. I believe why he is so good is all because he is such a competitor, who loves to compete and it is the reason why he never backed down. He is a Type 3

    Nur Alyaa

    Michael Jordan’s primary source of motivation is intrinsic. Clearly shown when he said “i played the sport because i like it”. He strongly meant about what he said when he trained with full heart and became a star in his sport. On the way to arrive at the peak of his success, the extrinsic motivation is just an additional factor that derives him to become more successful. He inspired others sportsman to be like him.


    his motivation is mostly intrinsic, however the extrinsic motivation later might have increase his intrinsic motivation further.


    I believe that Michael Jordan was intrinsically motivated and a type 3 for Fear of Failure and Need to achieve.


    Michael Jordan was mainly driven by intrinsic motivation. His personality is a type 3. The fact that he values his “bad experiences” just as much as the good and that he wants to learn from every experience he has. Another indication for his intrinsic motivation is the fact that he plays the sport because he loves it.
    Overcoming difficult challenges in life
    Not giving up
    Learning from mistakes
    Seeing the good in every thing


    Intrinsic as he just loves the pure excitement of achieving what he sets his heart to. He was not out to pleased others but just challenge himself to do the best he can to be the best in his own area of interest.

    Conrad Francis

    I believe Jordon played for the love of the sport, that comes with passion, dedication, determination which is embedded within him. Winning or Loosing was not his style of playing, he played for the team but end of day for him self. Success grey from his performance the dedication he had day in day out during his practice and transforming his practice into games. It was a combination of many aspects, Determination, dedication, persistence, discipline, motivation to strive to be the best.


    intrinsic and extrinsic motivational will influence other people to enhance their performance. so, what can I say to this legend that gives big influence to him is intrinsic motivational. The reason I said like that is refer to the last quote from him that given meaning we must fulfill all the requirement that needed in the what you are doing from the grass root till the end to get muscle to memory all the movement.

    Rafael Dubois

    Great Topics!!!


    Intrinsic and extrinsic motivational are really important aspects needed to the athletes for giving the best performance in any competition. As I viewed this video, Micheal Jordan is one of the athletes who really believe to himself that he can give 100% performance in any matches. So, the important keys for intrinsic motivational is believe to yourself by giving the best performance without any doubt. And for the extrinsic motivational is his supporter and crowds who are really love to his performance. However, winning or losing is not his main concern but played as a team is really needed.


    Jordan is extremely intrinsically motivated which can be seen multiple times, most prominently when he says he plays cause he loves the sport and one day success just happened.

    He never gave up despite being cut off his high school basketball team. He runs head on into challenges and faces them, he seems to be a Type 3 as his need for achievement is very high and a low fear of failure

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