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    Agree with most of the responses so far.
    Based on what’s been said in the video: intrinsic motivation and type 3 personality.


    Like many has responded, Michael Jordan’s source of motivation was largely intrinsic. He started playing the sport out of love. Succes wasn’t a thing he intendedly strived for, it just came a long as a result of all the effort he put in on a daily basis.

    Also his competitive drive is far greater than anyone else he’s met, which he thrives on, as he mentions. Another support for his intrinsic motivation is his motivation for searching out challenges to overcome.
    Looking at the four types, I would definately classify him as a Type 3!

    He only became the best because he didn’t fear failure.
    A great commercial is this one featuring Michael Jordan in a Nike commercial:

    Chen HAO

    In my opinion, i think Jordan is really smart of one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Like all elite athletes, he worked hard to reach the peak Performance. He has accrued great wealth and worldwide fame. The answer as following.

    1. intrinsic motivation .
    2. He was never afraid of failing.
    3. Many failures he had before. This type of personality is the “ideal characteristic of a champion”…Type 3.


    Type 3, loved the game (autotelic experience, absorbed,IZOF,..) and loved to compete. Setting high standards for himself, and learning to live with/ learn from the outcome.


    His passion and loves to the basketball shows that his motivation major comes from Intrinsic motivation. He enjoys the plays and challenges gained from each game. Definitely the extrinsic motivation such as the success of the game do motivate him further to play much more better. The video had clearly showed that his type of personality is type 3 due to his high NA and low fear of failure. His concept of play is simple, accept the challenge from each game regardless win or lose because he understand the biggest opponent is himself and its normal there are either winner or loser for every competition.


    Jordan’s video narrative suggests a high level of intrinsic motivation that really helped to usurp any tendency to perceive obstacles as threats, but more so accept them as challenges to always pursue better. His type 3 personality acknowledges this great desire to achieve but also recognizes the possibility of failing, which doesn’t hinder him from the pursuit and intensity of effort to thrive.


    MJ’s source of motivation is intrinsic. He was competitive and he thrived on competition.

    He loved and enjoyed what he did. Success would then naturally follow. He had a big heart and he took the bad together with the good that came with competition. When things were going his way he worked hard to stay top, when things did not go his way, he dug deeper.

    His combination would be a type 3. He said he had not met anyone as competitive as he was.

    Everything that he was, that made him who he was was from his love of the game. You have to enjoy what you do to last and stay top. If not, everything became a chore and no matter how motivated you are, you will never achieve the heights of elite athletes.


    Ooop! lt can not open it,Youtube in taiwan!

    Frank J.H. Lu

    I try several times to open it. But Youtube said it is not authorized in Taiwan area. I apologize because I can not answer the question.


    Ooop! it can not open it, Youtube said it is not authorized in Taiwan area.


    MJ has mostly intrinsic motivation. His drive to compete and never give up comes through strongly in his words. The drive to compete does have some negative outcomes including his gambling issues and high stakes betting. He is very much a type 3 personality and didn’t fear failure, but used it to motivate in the future.


    Mostly Intrinsic, his level of elite player he should not be there if he is not intrinsically motivated,once he got the fame then he might be more in to the taste if winning , most of the top players in any sports are in the same category

    Ya-Chiao Yu

    Wow, it cannot open it in Taiwan area.


    As a player the most important thing is dedication, love the respected sports, hard work, copping strategies, optimum output, focus and to drive onself for activation. Jordan, as a elite player his coping skills and boosting skill of motivation during the competition is optimum. Yes his motivation is defintely type 3 i.e persisitence with the combination of extrinsic motivation as well. his intrinsic motivation, cognitive strategies and decision making process during the play lead him to be the world wide frame. He is influence the 6 pillars of elite sports performance as well. His motivation, confidence level to performed any skills, peroformance knowlegde about the particular skills and he is having a good anxiety management strategies that make him the Good frame.

    daniel lin

    sorry the video can’t see in Taiwan area

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