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    Chen HAO

    I have not specifically but have combat programs giving out rewards. For example, in TKD athlete , there are special taekwondo Uniforms traditions. if you are a good tkd players to earned the black belt to wear during practice for a long time . At another institution, there was a label with your name on your cloth back.And that is related to the state motto.


    I coach mainly 5-12 year olds. One of the tokens reward that I have used to motivate them was that I would acknowledge that’s person’s effort and I would get them to demonstrate it to the whole class. I found it useful as it made the whole class want to do better and be the demonstrator for the next drill. This is something that I would use over and over again.


    I have used reward token in my coaching and still using it to date. I am currently attached with the junior performance program of my state’s tenpin bowling team. Our athletes train 6 times a week with only Fridays off.
    Every month we have roll-off between trainees and those that finish on podium will win themselves a signed national jersey by our country’s elite bowlers. There are 12 elite bowlers in our national team and our training program is 10 months. It becomes a sudden motivation for the kids to try and do well in the roll-offs and collect all the various shirts. One of the curtain closer for our program, is the Milo Junior International All-Stars at the end of the year. I would then arrange for the national athlete to have a “selfie” session with the kid/s who have won their jersey.

    Ya-Chiao Yu

    I have no experience to reward others,but I think reward is very useful.When the big exam coming, my mom often give me some rewards.Then,I will study very hard, and gut a good grade.


    I have token rewards with my athletes.


    When I was a junior high school students, I want to buy a game, my mother set goals such as test scores, if I reach a goal, put the game as a reward to me.

    Julian Fernandez

    I’ve given swimming classes for beginners, but I don’t think I used anything like a token rewards system…

    I did focus on praising improvements of every individual, but not as a way of fostering competition (which I guess is implied in a token rewards system).

    The wide range in ages of those I was teaching (from 6 to 25) might have had something to do with not using a token rewards system.

    I would think about implementing this if the group was homogeneous.


    I’m working with elite youth football players, primarily as a S&C coach. Apart from tokens that I use myself (competition, virtual medals, earning privileges etc.), one of our coaches uses a nice example of tokens during his game plays. He’s coaching the U16 and takes a picture of the winning team after every SSG (4v4, 5v5, 6v6) in training and sticks them to the wall in the hallway. This seems to motivate those guys almost more than anything else.


    I already used token reward with athletes,effect is very good.

    Yeo Chern Tat

    I evaluate my situations before deciding on what token rewards is teh best.

    For example, like Chuan Leong, I was involved in the SEA Games for Sports Entertainment. Depending on each of my crew member, my “token Reward” could be words of encouragement and acknowledgement of good work for my Announcers who did a good job. Sometime, buying coffee for my crew or giving them necessary extended breaks for work done properly.

    I though this was interesting but I’ll share. During the games, I was in the outdoor events and there was drizzles. The event had to go on and my camera guys were miserable under the rain. I gave them Ponchos and told them I will stay in the rain till and till all of them are under shelter… then I will take cover.

    In other instances, I do occasionally do lunches.

    At times, I even ask about their family and themselves. The concern given was a way of “Token Reward” as they know I cared for them. These are very powerful motivation strategies I thought.

    Michael Owino

    I haven’t used token reward but will start using them now!


    I have been coaching kids aged 2 to 6 years old and found out that I need to reward them so as for them to know they are appreciated and also, just a token for behaving well in class.

    It works both ways though. As for aged 2-4 i think it is important to get their attention to what they are learning and having to give them tokens/candies helps alot in teaching/coaching. As they grows up to 5-6 years of age, it would be optional to reward them and if you do, explain the main purpose of them coming to your session and not emphasizing about the rewards too much. Hope that helps!

    M N Viswanath

    I have used it on my son who used to be National level table tennis player in India.I gave away surprise gifts to him whenever he won tournaments.These gifts were of no high monetary value or very expensive ones. Sometimes when he went down fighting , but gave a wonderful performance I have given away gifts in appreciation of his efforts and to keep his spirits high for the future.
    As children we ourselves reserved small token awards like set of pencils, erasers or other small gifts to keep the fighting spirits during our competitions.The token rewards also included coffee, pastry, ice cream or chocolate to the winners. The simple games we played was chess, carom. snake and ladder, ludo, darts etc. These small rewards made the challenge interesting and competitive.
    I am a competent communicator from the Toast masters International” communication and leadership programme. The winners of the weekly meeting- for the best speaker of the day and best table topic speaker gets a coloured ribbon” from the president as an appreciation for the effort and quality of the speech.

    Stephen Githinji

    I have used token rewards for my U9 and U11 football team. In this case my token of choice is usually the captain’s armband. Having explained to them that it requires outstanding performance beyond skill execution, my players are now more conscious of attributes such as fair play, respect to authority and overall responsibility as they try to earn the armband.

    I adapted this token having realized that being captain was a big deal to them.

    Afrooz Mousavi

    There were nice example of using token rewards in this group.

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