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    Yes, I do practice Yoga most of the time. I can notice that I am able to maintain my peace of mind more consistently when practicing Yoga. I find that I can give the full attention to myself in the class and zone out from all but the teacher’s voice. This is in contrast to other exercise where I need to be aware of what is going on around me. The practice of Yoga is structured around the meridians of the body, with a lesson plan that is in tune with the time of day, the day of the week and indeed the season. I think the word would be “refreshed”, ready to “start again” having wound out and wound down the tensions of life, rather than “relaxed”

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    Yoga can teach us how to breath, to be centered and connect the mind with the body. I have never practiced yoga, but my experience comes for the fact that I have introduced the yoga stretching techniques in mine and my students warm and cool down practice. Yoga is teaching us how to use the breathing as the most powerful technique to be in the moment, in the presence. Away from the past behind us and not thinking about the future in front of us.

    Lean Xin Ying

    My first ever yoga class stared when i was 16. I found yoga is very useful to improve physical and mental wellness. Also, i think pranayama (breathing) can help athletes in relaxation (alternative nostril breathing), concentration, brings up arousal (depend on sports type, example: Kapalabati, a rapid and sharp exhalation of breathing technique). Beside, mindfulness also increased when practice yoga (when focus on breathing, asana, and meditation, you actually listen to your body well).

    Christopher Ramesh

    I am from India, the country of origin of Yoga. Yoga is prevalent here, but not everyone practices it. Now, due to government initiatives it is gaining popularity. When we were school children, we periodically attended yoga sessions as part of physical education. My son, who is a member of the Junior Indian squad for shooting sport, attends yoga sessions during squad camp. Yoga does help sports persons a lot in general and shooting sports persons in particular. It is helpful for muscle relaxation and muscle control.Now he attending the ISSF Junior World Cup at Suhl, Germany, and the Indian team practices yoga every morning.

    Out of squad camps, at home,he does not practice yoga. He does stretching exercises, plays shuttle-cock, listens to music, reads novels, draw pictures, and watch good movies for relaxation. It works for him,as he shows continuous progress and success.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)
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