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    Aline Olivio

    I think they are both similar concerning this subject because they enable physical and emotional relaxation, which enhaces athlets’ concentration and focus.
    No, I haven’t practised yoga yet. Furthermore, I have never thought yoga could help athlets. Very good!


    Joined some yoga classes when we lived in Kinshasa, must admit it calms me down, and makes me more aware of what is happening ‘inside’ my body. Have more problems getting fired up instead of getting relaxed ;-). Especially for training sessions….


    I have done yoga a few times but never a full practice. Being a novice is uncomfortable because I was focused on doing it right rather than being relaxed. However, a few of the moved allowed me to relax which was very appreciated.


    Yes I had done and practice Yoga during my course at the same time my supervisor is an Yoga Expert. As per my knowledge all the meditation techniques called as Pranayama techniques help to reduce the anxiety, stress, tension and mental fatique of an individual. Sometimes the meditation techniques that is breathing techniques is considered to be the one of the best relaxation technique within a short duration and longer duration. As nowadays Yoga is considered to be the one of the best practice to keep our body healthy and fit.


    It is great to read others experiences with yoga.

    I have only tried two different sorts of yoga that were very different experiences. My knowledge and understanding is very limited. However, the experiences have wanted me to learn more and incorporate yoga regularly in future. Classes were for approx. 1.5 – 2 hours duration. The first was hot yoga and the movements/postures were very fluid moving the majority of the time. The second series (6 x) was specific to back and neck care which was slow, holding poses and focused more on the breathing. My preference was for the slower yoga as it has resolved my back and neck problems, also I think I learnt more because of the pace, as well as the ability to focus of which movements and poses gave me relief. In future, I would like to use yoga to prevent injury, increase my strength and balance for sport. This experience will also be helpful when talking to others about yoga.

    Thanks Jason for the recommendations.

    The mindfulness summit maybe of interest to some of you. It is a month of talks on mindfulness and covers a wide range of topics. http://themindfulnesssummit.com/


    I have never done Yoga.I found using soft music to relax muscles is good way.

    Ya-Chiao Yu

    I have never done yoga, but I think it is a good way to release stress. I will learn it in future.

    George Morrison

    I have recently started yoga and pilates classes to learn more about techniques that can be used to increase flexibility but I am also interested in the mental effects of participation in classes as a way of overcoming anxiety caused by injury. I am finding it beneficial in giving me the confidence to build a structured program for injury recovery


    I contacted my mother has led yoga, yoga really helps me relax, so I know the importance of relaxation.


    I have never done Yoga,I think useful using soft music to relax muscles .

    Frank Muller

    I’ve tried different kinds of yoga and I really think that they can all help athletes or “normal” people to relax and fight anxiousness. Plus it really helps you to become more mindful and get to know yourself and your body better. You learn to listen to the needs of your body more. I really enjoyed it and I think that it can help athletes in every sport. But to really benefit from it, one needs to practice it on a regular basis.

    Julian Fernandez

    I’ve done Yoga on an on-and-off basis but mostly as a complementary activity to trail running (for posture correction).

    I can’t say the sessions have been very relaxing… But going deeper and after reading other comments in this thread, I guess it was because I worked some muscles that were either tight from running, or not very used.

    I usually had some soreness on the next day. Maybe I was overdoing it and taking it almost as a strength session instead on focusing on my breathing, relaxation, and so on.


    I have done yoga. The first time i was quite overwhelm as i felt I could not do any of the poses that everyone was doing. After the first session, i felt quite relaxed and stretched, after reviewing the session, I had not realised that i was doing poses that i thought i could not do.

    My yoga instructor was a colleague and she was really good. She had shown us the poses and then saw us beginner, intermediate and advance level of the pose -so that we could feel it.

    Learning how to relax by controlling my breathing was difficult at first.

    Afrooz Mousavi

    I have done yoga for old women and I have been surprised by how much it helped.
    I think doing the concentration and breathing techniques of yoga, like mindfullness techniques, can help athletes.

    M N Viswanath

    I am fortunate to be born in India where yoga originated. I have been practising yoga for number of years and found it useful. I practise some of the yogic exercises, yogic breathing, Pranayama,Yogic meditation, shavasana[ dead body pose]- which is an yogic way of relaxation. Surya namaskar[ sun salutation]- which is an exercise for the whole body.Unlike aerobic exercises yoga is performed slowly with the awareness of breathing. This breath awareness for an extended period of time [till you complete your yogic exercises]] will keep you out of conscious thinking and therefore brings relaxation. At my age I can cannot perform those exercises which are difficult and challenging but I still stick to the simple basic exercises for their many benefits.Yoga keeps me flexible and active throughout the day. Yoga is for both the mind and the body. Yoga was once taught as `psychology.’

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