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Christopher Ramesh

Though different in nature and scope, both Judo in Japan and Shooting in India have quite a few things in common as follows:
1. Japanese Judo and Indian shooting followed traditional methods of “strict practice and physical training” for long until they realized that modern and scientific methods are essential for success. Japanese Judo Olympic teams, and successful Indian shooters like Rathore and Bindra are good examples of this paradigm shift.
2. Both Judo and shooting thrive on the principles “flexibility overcomes stiffness” and “efficient use of energy” for optimum results.
3.Judo and shooting strive to overcome “Excess tension, negative emotions, and random thoughts” which would play spoil sport.
Since both Japan and India are steeped in cultures that promote control of mind and body through martial art and yoga or meditation respectively, both the sports suit the athletes of these countries naturally.