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Hi there everybody!
My name is Jai (Pronounced like the letter “J”) and is short for my full name Jannion.
I have had a life full of sport and coaching, and I am 61 years old. I am currently a member of the Vladswim coaching team. Vladswim coach adults, with a number of our swimmers training for the Ocean 7 international channels. I am also training to swim the English Channel in 2 relays this August. I know from my sporting history, that I experience speed-bumps now and then, and had one last Friday. I remembered one of our swimmers had taken this course just before he swam at cold camp, and I had seen a remarkable difference to his outlook. So I am hoping for the same, but coupled with that I will be able to help other swimmers to their goals, and will reference this course to our FB site for others who also may feel “shakey” at times.