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Hello, I’m Aiman from Malaysia. Currently, I’m a student from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and doing Master of Science (Sports Science).

Why you have signed up for this course?
My lecturer had bring me here and explained a little bit about this website. As I look through the introduction of this website, I felt this course can give me a lots of knowledge and application about Sports Psychology.

What is your favourite sport?
My favourite sport is Tennis. However, I’m only play tennis as recreational activity.

Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
I doesn’t have any experiences in coaching. As I said earlier, I just play a sport for fun and also to keep myself healthy and fit.

Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
I had learned a lots of knowledge about sport psychology since my undergraduate days. However, it’s only just theoretically and doesn’t have any chances applying in real situation.

What are you hoping to get out of this course
I hope this course can give me the information as many about the methods and application of sport psychology to the athletes and also this course will raise up my interest to learn more about sport psychology in the future.