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Lawrence OKeeffe

Hi – I am Lawrie now from England, but originally from South Africa. The course has just been highlighted on a Sport Psycho Facebook Group I belong to, so I hope I will be able to complete it in time. The course will hopefully reinforce my knowledge, and because it is from the Asian Region it may have some new angles for me to experience. My Sport is (Field) Hockey which I have participated in for some 58 years. I have represented my Country of origin, and Regionally my adopted Country. I have been lucky enough to have also Umpired at the highest level in South Africa. At present I am a full-time Coach, covering most levels from ages 11 to 55 years of age. Last Summer I coached the England Mixed Hockey Team. Sports Psych has become an area of ever increasing interest in my quest for coaching proficiency; I read Psychology as part of a Business Administration Degree many years back. I look forward to completing the Course and reading the many contributions posted to the Forum.