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Ayan Chatterjee

It was quite interesting to see that the cyclists didn’t start to panic during the crash. EVerytime i’ve had a motorbike accident or have seen somebody have an accident, i’ve noticed a few things that i could not see here. The first thing that happens generally after you fall in high speeds is that your heart rate shoots up, you are suddenly feeling a lot of adrenaline, however just minutes later you go into shock and if you try and stand too fast you might get dizzy. I have seen this type of situation and experienced it quite a few times. It was thus strange for me to see these cyclists react so calmly to their crashes. Perhaps they are so mentally focused or have such a strong sense of belief in their abilities that they can deal with a crash in a different way. Perhaps since they are cycling as fast as they are they are already full of adrenaline and a crash doesn’t really make the levels spike as it would to non athletes. Its an interesting area of study to find out how athletes cope with setbacks within their sports, although methodologically it may be a challenge to measure it in the moment.