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Hi, my name is Alessandra. I’m a psychologist based in Sydney and I have a passion for performance enhancement. I love working with student-athletes in particular. As a student for many years myself, I am constantly looking for new ways to help students excel in sport while achieving academic success as well, and vice-versa. I signed up for this course to build on my existing knowledge and because I enjoy the topic. I don’t have a favourite sport, to be honest. Some sports I like to play, some I like to watch and some are a bit of a mish mash. I currently don’t play any sports, although I do score lots of baskets throwing my kids’ toys away from all sorts of angles. I have three post graduate degrees in relation to sport psychology and look forward to learning something new after taking this course. Thank you Peter and good luck Neil.

Why you have signed up for this course?
What is your favourite sport?
Do you play sport or involved in coaching?
Do you have any experience of psychology or sport psychology?
What are you hoping to get out of this course?