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Hello everyone,

My name is Zoran Stojkovic, and I am looking forward to this course.

I signed up for it because it was recommended by a colleague in a Masters program I am doing. Upon looking at it, it seemed like a good way to use my time, and the resources and topics seemed relevant to my studies.

I have a passion for all sports, and have played many sports in my life. My favorite sport is tennis. I have played tennis for 13 years, and have coached the sport for 7 years, working with private school teams, individual tournament players, national and provincial level players, adults, really young kids (5-7 years old), and recreational players of all levels.

I got my BSc Psychology in 2015 and am currently enrolled in a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology program in Europe. We have had many lectures and assignments that I believe will overlap with this course, and I look forward to applying my knowledge to this course.

My expectations from this course are minimal. I hope to get some insights and ideas I had not thought of before. And perhaps I hope to see some practical examples of how sport psychologists work with their athletes.

Looking forward to this!