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M N Viswanath

There are two ways of looking at this incident: firstly: considering that endorsements are very important to professional athletes they would be under contract to display the manufacturer’s products in public-if for ages display of logos on dresses, bags, rackets, balls, head band has been accepted then why the hue and cry about the ear phones. True, the ear phones made the players to focus on the music as a result they failed to acknowledge the crowd. Do they really care? the endorsements are earning them hefty sums of money giving them future security and the comfort of luxurious lifestyles. Money is important , why would they care? Old timers like Martina may be right in their views but the modern generation trend of everything revolving around money , glitz and glamour will make world go around.
Secondly: The suggestion that rules have to be framed restricting the players from wearing `head phones’once they enter the arena is sensible. Because, tomorrow the players may start playing the entire match wearing head phones and listening to music – who knows? So a line has to be drawn somewhere.In which case they will acknowledge the greetings of the crowd when they make their appearance on the courts.Finally head phones or not it is up to the players to pay respects to the people who have come to see them play- at least they can wave to the crowd even with their head phones on.. Let them remember that they are not bigger than the game or the fans after all.