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EMMANUEL DICKSON ( University of Thessaly
A case
The Current State of the Player
A professional, aged 26 with 15 years of experience, being the fourth born and the bread winner from a struggling home, his family look up to him for their daily survivor. The player is being promoted/sponsored by a top organization (addidas firm) in the field of sports, specifically tennis. This tennis player has been sponsored three times in six years now. However, each time the player is sponsored he/she fails to perform well which leads to his/her lowering, demoting or drop in her ranking from the top to down in the Grand slams and also world ranking (Association of Tennis Professionals, ATP). And the sponsoring organization is unsatisfied that the player did not accomplish the soul and main purpose or goal that was set for her. However, the organization senses that the player have the essential equipment, facilities, practical, tactical and physical capabilities to do well. The organization agrees to employ a psychologist in the field of sports, in order to increase, improve and enhance or get the player to an optimal performance level in other for her to achieve the set goals. The organization clarifies that the player is not doing well in the Grand slams as he/she is in the ATP tournaments. The sport psychologist had a discussion with the organization, which include the manager, director, CEO, fitness trainer, coach and the player, the psychologist get to understand that the player is deficient and lack self-esteem, self-worth and lack attention and concentration during Grand slam because of the high expectation placed on him/her by everyone and also being one of the most important event in the history of tennis.