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M N Viswanath

Speaking about music' and sports performance,it takes me back three decades when I was at my prime as a cricketer. Ganesh festival is celebrated with pomp and splendour all over India. The local residents form an association and celebrate the festival over a period of 7 days, it is during this time devotional, classical and filmy music is a common feature- that is played loudly through loud speakers. It was on one such occasion we were engaged in a cricket league game close to the place the celebrations were organised, naturally the loud speakers were blaring out popular filmy hits that could be heard all over the place.The music[ my favourite] reduced my pre-match nerves and put me in a relaxed state that was devoid of self-doubt and fear [ facing the fast bowlers of the opposition]. As I went in to bat the music raised my energy and aroused me to the ideal performance state.I started humming my favourite tunes,soon got in to a rhythmic and started playing shots all round the wicket. I was in a relaxed state of concentration known by the mystical feeling calledflow’.I was unstoppable and runs flowed freely from my bat and I could complete my century before lunch. I thank `MUSIC’ for the most memorable innings of my career.