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Meaning of music during workout means an Aid to ‘DISSOCIATION’ from the outer world and an Attempt to ‘ABSORPTION’ in the activity.
The reason behind using music for me is mainly ‘Intensity Control’. Appropriate can be used in an activity that needs high activation such as Weight Training & Sprinting for Pumping Up blood, high nural activation, optimal muscle tone. It is also used in activities aiming at calming down such as cooling down, relaxation & recovery. Though these are possible without music, correct music affects the quality and rate of Intensity Control.
As a coach I prefer to use music in session which contains no components of technique/ skill/ tactics/ strategy as music may distract the athletes. I use music mostly to the advanced athletes who are well acquainted with the skills and can achieve the right frame of mind with the support music.
I also believe appropriate music should be culture specific. As I work in India, I try to find music in Indian languages. I mistake I used to do that, I did not chose music according to BPM and only on the basis of liking.
This online course had given this new idea to me and I’ll try to find Indian music with the BPM Guidelines provided here.
Any suggestions for calculating BPM?