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Alexander Oshinsky

I practiced yoga once during my senior year of undergrad and had a rather interesting experience with it. For the first month it was a great experience, I was able to relax and felt like I was getting stronger. I was also playing rugby at the time and ended up dislocating my shoulder and tearing my labrum during a match which made much of what we were doing in yoga difficult if not impossible. Instead of trying to make adjustments for me and help me through my injury, my professor first tried to convince me to drop the class several times and then started singling me out during class, so instead of being able to relax I started to feel more stressed. one advantage though was that I was able to continue to work on my strength and conditioning a bit and felt more comfortable returning to the game post surgery.

I can see and did experience the relaxation that yoga has to offer, and have considered taking more classes when I find time.