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Michael Jordan was certainly intrinsically motivated in the early stages of his career, most athletes are when they start out. I think its rare that you can make it all the way to the top and endure all of the hours of training day in and day out and the highs and lows of sport without a significant dominance of intrinsic motivation. He enjoyed the sport and the hard work/training and with that came the success. He probably highly motivated by seeing his own improvement, watching the results in the gym and in fitness, technical aspects improve week by week.
As an athlete becomes more successful, like MJ the extrinsic motivation kicks in and the lure of money, sponsors, fame accolades etc are motivating too. He is certainly a type 3 personality with little fear of failure. Of course he has failed many times but it’s the lack of/minimal fear of failure that allows him to take the chances, the risks, embrace challenges and get back up again when he does fail. You have to learn to love adversity. – the first time I met Peter Terry (the course professor and moderator), some 20years ago, told me this!