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I have found music influences me in all the areas mentioned. I use it regularly.

Dance/Exercise (weights, cardio, yoga/stretching) = disco, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s music, jazz, Elvis
Relax & Sleep/Concentrate & Creativity = alpha brain wave music, baroque
Regulates Mood = music that reminds me of different emotional experiences. E.g. heard at a funeral
(negative/sad), at a celebration (positive/happy)
Motivational = inspirational words (e.g. the climb) or music related to a defining moment for someone
(e.g.Susan Boyle’s first audition on Britain’s Got Talent – I dreamed a dream)

I have found listening to music while exercising has helped me work harder before. I am interested to see how Spotify works and keen to see how it influences my activity by being more directly linked to my pace. I find others comments interesting about when they use music before and after training and competitive events. I can look at being more systematic in future doing this.