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M N Viswanath

I appreciate what Karla123 and others have shared on how to prepare a team to score penalty shoot-outs. There can be instances with precedence like the one -The English soccer team faced in the 2012 Euro cup with a past record of 7 shoot out Tournament misses to one. It is in these times the players mind goes back to the past and they decide to prove everyone wrong this time, desperation seeps in, leading to intense pressure and they are focused on what they should not do rather than what they should do. Result -another disaster.[Due to lapse of concentration].
Whenever an International match goes in to extra time and then penalty shoot out there is bound to be enormous self-and other’s expectation’s and the player who takes the kick is focused on too broad external[distractions] and internal[ what if I miss the shot……]focus. WYSIWYG! Player’s have to be put under intense stimulation of pressure situations.The important thing is to be focused on the `right thing at the right time’- which is nothing but ideal concentration. My friends in the discussion forum have already discussed on the various methods in practice and I agree with each one of them.
At times players tend to over analyse how a shot has to be scored and miss the opportunity-`paralysis by analysis.’ It is again important to visualize where and how you want the ball to go and leave the rest to your well trained unconscious/subconscious to do the rest.Do not take conscious control of things.
Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction to the football fans. He is known for his talent in converting penalties. To understand and study his superior skills, scientists subjected him to several tests and I describe the two tests below:-
1] The experiment involved Ronaldo taking a corner. There was no goal keeper or other defenders to obstruct the ball, except that when the ball was moving half way towards him, the lights in the stadium were switched off but Ronaldo scored.
2] In the next experiment the lights were switched off just before he kicked but the ball ended up behind the net.GO to documentary – Ronaldo -tested to the limit.’ or Read The $447 million secrets of sport- Dr Stephen Simpson/.WWW.ICG testing,com
Ronaldo’s ability was attributed to his visualization skills, where he could tap in to his unconscious memory banks and still play the shot even when the lights were off. Don’t analyse-trust yourself- `JUST DO IT-The NIKE’way.