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Julian Fernandez

I found it easier to “see” and “feel” the cup of coffee while doing the suggested activity. Getting the rest of the senses involved was a bit more challenging. I think it would become easier with practice, since tasting, hearing, and smelling are not the senses I rely on the most during running (maybe only when hydrating and feeding).

What I found interesting was I had been already using the imagery concepts and tools for reviewing a trail race I took part in a couple of days ago: on a long, steep downhill stretch some male and female racers passed me by. I consider myself a pretty decent downhill runner, so I was intrigued about what they could be doing different to run even faster… I went into a kind of “recording” mode, paying attention to their gait, body posture, technique, etc. in order to later analyze it and try to re-create it. I’ve been trying to imagine (mostly seeing and feeling; though now I will also add the rest of the senses) what would it feel like to run downhill that fast.