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M N Viswanath

I have not used imagery on myself because I act more through `intuition’- once I get a hunch that I can do something successfully I go after it with practical efforts till it is achieved.I somehow don’t get the vividness of a visual image. Perhaps I should work more on it. But I try Visualization and imagery on the athletes who come to me for performance enhancement. I gradually introduce them to visualization and imagery through some simple techniques like- the pendulum exercise, imagining the arm is like a steel rod, hand levitation[balloon and heavy object] or eating their favourite dish/ ice cream/ peeling off an orange- I ask them to bring all the senses in to play. I take them through some imagery exercises like imagining the things in their room, travelling to practice/school/college, travelling along a scenic country road, or viewing the sunset on a beach etc. I familiarize them with these before taking them along to the actual imagery/visualization in a sport setting[ used for different behaviours].

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