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M N Viswanath

JUDO IN JAPAN: Judo is a top sport in Japan. Japanese have tasted success at the International level and has won more medals than any other country with Judo. Like in any sport Judokas in Japan are exposed to great deal of mental stress due to expectations from the self and the countrymen, because Japanese have traditionally done well at the Olympics and other world meets.The participants are subjected to emotions and moods, which left unattended are debilitative to performance. The judo federation of Japan has for long implemented the `mental management’ intervention has has proved to be beneficial to their athletes. The strategies and methods adapted to manage emotions and moods-include the relaxation techniques-deep breathing, positive mental attitude, focusing, stress management techniques,bio feedback, clearing the mind before the competition, goal setting etc. The sport psychologists have used the mood profiling test- POMS-1971 to understand the moods like tension, depression, anger, vigour, fatigue, and confusion.
SHOOTING IN INDIA: has become a major sport in India after the success at the OLYMPICS and other International competitions. Shooting is completely a mental game and the shooter has to aware that their mind can become their worst enemy due to over thinking, over analysing and random thoughts. In a game where a minute variation in heart beat or the slightest movement can cause havoc to performance-negative emotions and mood swings can play a huge impact.Shooters in India have engaged the services of eminent sport psychologists to enhance their performance.The common strategies employed for the control of emotions and moods are:- cognitive control, positive mind set, relaxation techniques using music, deep breathing and muscle relaxation. focusing on the rhythm and between shot /round routines, positive self-talk and mental rehearsal. The neuro-feedback monitoring has been utilized to positive effect.The sport psychologists have employed the BRUMS mood scale[ PeterTerry et al] to measure the mood and profile them to understand more about different emotions like anger, vigour , fatigue etc.The contribution of mental training to shooting in India is evident with India winning many International medals of late.