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M N Viswanath

I am fortunate to be born in India where yoga originated. I have been practising yoga for number of years and found it useful. I practise some of the yogic exercises, yogic breathing, Pranayama,Yogic meditation, shavasana[ dead body pose]- which is an yogic way of relaxation. Surya namaskar[ sun salutation]- which is an exercise for the whole body.Unlike aerobic exercises yoga is performed slowly with the awareness of breathing. This breath awareness for an extended period of time [till you complete your yogic exercises]] will keep you out of conscious thinking and therefore brings relaxation. At my age I can cannot perform those exercises which are difficult and challenging but I still stick to the simple basic exercises for their many benefits.Yoga keeps me flexible and active throughout the day. Yoga is for both the mind and the body. Yoga was once taught as `psychology.’