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M N Viswanath

I have used it on my son who used to be National level table tennis player in India.I gave away surprise gifts to him whenever he won tournaments.These gifts were of no high monetary value or very expensive ones. Sometimes when he went down fighting , but gave a wonderful performance I have given away gifts in appreciation of his efforts and to keep his spirits high for the future.
As children we ourselves reserved small token awards like set of pencils, erasers or other small gifts to keep the fighting spirits during our competitions.The token rewards also included coffee, pastry, ice cream or chocolate to the winners. The simple games we played was chess, carom. snake and ladder, ludo, darts etc. These small rewards made the challenge interesting and competitive.
I am a competent communicator from the Toast masters International” communication and leadership programme. The winners of the weekly meeting- for the best speaker of the day and best table topic speaker gets a coloured ribbon” from the president as an appreciation for the effort and quality of the speech.