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Jason von Stietz

For some reason, deliberate imagery has always been challenging for me. I tried using imagery as an athlete several times in the past. My mind would often drift and I would have trouble sticking to a regimen of daily imagery exercises. I think one of the big benefits of working with a sport psychology consultant is having someone to keep you motivated and on task.

As I tried the imagery exercises for this course, I noticed that sights and sounds were most vivid and controllable for me whereas feelings, taste, and smells were difficult to generate. I also noticed that as I continued to recreate physical activity using imagery my mind wandered more and more. I seem to not have much imagery “endurance” at this point. I look forward to learning more about imagery. I credit much of my success (and failure) as a high school athlete to all the daydreaming I did about possible successes and failures. I believe if I had taken more control of my “daydreaming” I would have been much more successful.