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Yeo Chern Tat

I evaluate my situations before deciding on what token rewards is teh best.

For example, like Chuan Leong, I was involved in the SEA Games for Sports Entertainment. Depending on each of my crew member, my “token Reward” could be words of encouragement and acknowledgement of good work for my Announcers who did a good job. Sometime, buying coffee for my crew or giving them necessary extended breaks for work done properly.

I though this was interesting but I’ll share. During the games, I was in the outdoor events and there was drizzles. The event had to go on and my camera guys were miserable under the rain. I gave them Ponchos and told them I will stay in the rain till and till all of them are under shelter… then I will take cover.

In other instances, I do occasionally do lunches.

At times, I even ask about their family and themselves. The concern given was a way of “Token Reward” as they know I cared for them. These are very powerful motivation strategies I thought.